Hallmark Cards Celebrates 100 Years

I saw this story on the news about Hallmark's centennial celebration over the weekend and just had to investigate further.

In a play on the lyric of a well-known Christmas carol, the visual merchandising team at Halls Plaza and Halls Crown Center in Kansas City (retail stores of parent company Hallmark) spent much of the past year preparing to literally "Deck the Halls" this holiday season. In honor of the company's anniversary, the team, led by Don Rogers, crafted a wonderland through creative application of decades worth of archived Hallmark Christmas greetings. More than 40,000 cut, folded, and crimped cards were used to construct everything from trees and dog collars to ballgowns and pajamas.

Such imagination, innovation, and attention to detail! One store window represents 1/1/11 - New Year's Day, with kicked off shoes, downed streamers, overturned bottles, and even an ice bag made of cards to subdue that morning-after headache!

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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