Handmade Paper Flower Bridal Hair Accessory

Recently I quilled a marriage certificate for a lovely couple in Virginia. Kristyn, the bride-to-be, asked if I would also design a flower with quilled embellishments that she could wear in her hair. It wasn't something I had done before, but there's nothing like the desire to please someone who has confidence in your abilities!

You might remember Jenny Jafek-Jones of The Crimson Poppy [edit: site no longer available], whose realistic paper flowers were featured on All Things Paper last spring. Since Jenny creates beautiful paper flowers and had immediate access to high quality crepe paper, I recommended that Kristyn contact her to make the ivory blossom.

I then added single and double scrolls in silver and silver-edged ivory quilling paper, and alternate side loop leaves in silver-edged green. The colors coordinated with the couple's marriage certificate.

Here's Kristyn on her wedding day... I love this picture. There are additional images at the website of photographer, Jeff Greenough. Go see! I think you'll enjoy them. [edit: no longer available] If you look closely at the very last one, you can catch a glimpse of an easel holding the certificate... more about it later in the week.

paper flower bridal hair accessory
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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