Quilled Marriage Certificate - Chandelier Design

Quilled marriage certificate
 calligraphy: Living Letters Studio

Earlier this week I mentioned having had the pleasure of creating a marriage certificate for a Virginia couple. Kristyn, the bride-to-be, contacted me several months before the wedding. We worked closely to obtain the exact look she had in mind.

Quilled marriage certificate being signed by bride and groom
image: Jeff Greenough Photographers

Kristyn told me she has always loved chandeliers and that their invitation would feature one... she asked if I could quill a chandelier as part of the design. By coincidence, I'd been thinking it would be fun to quill an ornate light fixture someday, but until this opportunity came along, thoughts were as far as it had gone.

chandelier graphic
invitation: Kristy Rice of Momental Designs

Using the invitation's graphic as inspiration, I created a chandelier in ivory, pearlized silver, and silver-edged ivory, and placed it top and center on the certificate.

Quilled marriage certificate - detail

For the remainder of the design, Kristyn liked the idea of graceful scrolls to complement the chandelier's structure. I positioned large S scrolls at the sides of the hand-calligraphed wedding vows, and embellished each with smaller scrolls and leaves.

Quilled marriage certificate detail

The wedding's elegant color palette was ivory, grey, lamb's ear green, and silver... all of these were used in the design.

Quilled marriage certificate detail

For those of you who love to quill, read on about a new tool (to me, at least) that helped a great deal in the making of this project.

As much as I enjoy creating large designs and doing the actual quilling, when it comes time to glue the coils to a surface... well, let's just say placement is key and it can make for a pretty challenging situation.

Quilled chandelier on a marriage certificate

Because I do the final gluing on marriage certificates after the vows have been lettered, everything has to be in perfect position from the start. There are no do-overs without extra expense and inconvenience.

Quilled marriage certificate with laser light for leveling

In the past I've measured, measured, and measured again, dotting the certificate with nearly invisible pencil marks that are later erased, but this time I tried what turned out to be a fabulous device - a laser level. Ordinarily one is used as a guide when hanging art work, but what a huge help it is for a project like this.

Quilled marriage certificate S scroll

The level shot a clear, red line of light across the entire thirty inch width of the piece, which helped ensure that the curves of the large scrolls were identical. Of course a lot of careful measuring was still required, but the level was just like having an extra pair of hands, and unlike a yardstick, did not get in the way.

Quilled marriage certificate

I collaborated with other artists for this wedding... Riva Brown lettered the marriage certificate and Jenny Jafek-Jones of The Crimson Poppy helped to create a floral hair accessory that was exactly what Kristyn had in mind.

Marriage certificate with quilled scroll design on easel
image: Jeff Greenough Photographers

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