Layered Paper Jewelry by Littlefly Literary Jewels

Paper jewelry fashioned from books never fails to attract attention!
 striped heart-shaped ring made of carved book pages

True, that attention is occasionally not of the most flattering type, as some believe cutting apart a still-readable book is a sacrilege.

striped layered book page ring in shades of blue

For those who are fine with the idea of bringing new life to an old tome though, enjoy a look at these handsome art objects made by UK paper artist, Jeremy May of Littlefly Literary Jewels.

striped bracelet made of layers of paper in red, yellow, blue and book page text

Jeremy cuts hundreds of pages from the core of well-read books and laminates them, creating one-of-a-kind rings, necklace pendants, earrings, and bracelets.

red, blue, and book text layered paper ring

Each piece is given a high gloss coating as the finishing touch before it is delivered inside the book... actually within the same cavity from which it originated.

blue and book page layered paper geometric ring

I find it intriguing that text - albeit blurry - is visible in some of the pieces.

layered paper bracelet made from book pages

Jeremy accepts custom orders... send him a favorite book and he will turn it into an eye-catching/conversation-starter piece of jewelry.

large, modern geometric necklace made of blue papers giving a striped effect

Thanks to Joel Ng, @jocundist, for introducing me to Littlefly Literary Jewels via one of his always interesting tweets.

black and red striped book page necklace pendant on black cord with accompanying book from which the layers were cut

If you'd like to see more of Jeremy's work, there are many additional pieces in the Littlefly Literary Jewels galleries.

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