Thursday, February 3, 2011

Flower Power Valentine Tutorial

Take some patterned and solid color paper... add a rolled heart flower to make a non-fussy Valentine. Perhaps lasso a child to help - they usually love quilling!

Supplies are so simple for this one... chances are good you have everything you'll need already on hand.

The full tutorial is on Craftzine.

Yes! A quilling cruise!

Last week I heard from Jean Smith of British Columbia about what just might be the first quilling cruise ever. She and her friend, Joan Rombough, members of a quilling group in Victoria, are extending the invitation to all quillers. The Volendam will depart Vancouver for Alaska on July 6th and return on the 13th. You don't have to be interested in paper quilling to join the group... spouses, relatives, friends, and neighbors are all welcome. Book through Jean and Joan's agent, Vanessa. Email: vanessa at beccaadventures dot com For quilling information, contact rnjnsmith at shaw dot ca


  1. great tutorial ann. and you are so right, little hands LOVE quilling! i keep finding tiny little quilled things around the house!

  2. How sweet and simple. I enjoyed the tutorial ,you make it so interesting. I love the way you have used a pen and tooth pick to roll and cut strips from an old postcard .And you are right kids do love to quill. They learn just by watching.

  3. At the rate I'm going in my attempts to learn quilling, my baby will be old enough to try it with me! ;)

    And a quilling cruise? Could be interesting, and definitely lots to see on the trip for inspiration!

  4. Love this tutorial!

    I'm crafting with my daughter and her friends tomorrow, and I'll present your tutorial as an option for our recycled papers. If any of our finished projects look photo-worthy, I'll be sure to send them to you with our deepest gratitude!

    Thank you, thank you. xxoxRichela

  5. What a great craft for big and little kids a like. I can not believe a crafting cruise....and in my neighbourhood too. Something to think about.

  6. Love, love the colorful card, Ann! Your tutorial is perfect .. congrats on the Craftzine spot!

    A quilling cruise? Who would have thought it possible? :)

  7. Thank you Ann for stopping by my blog. Such a wonderful tutorial.
    Dr Sonia S V

  8. Wow, a quilling cruise! It sounds really exciting and I'd love to go. But it isn't really near my country =( Hope everyone has fun, can't wait to see how it goes!

  9. happy new year ann! a quilling cruise?? amazing!
    i am currently working up the courage to attempt my first quilling project - a valentine! we'll see how it goes. ;)

  10. So great to see a quilling project a child could do! So simple, yet so pretty!

  11. super cute valentine.
    A quilling cruise sounds awesome. wish I could go

  12. cutie card, Ann!
    and a quilling cruise? how interesting is that?

    steph in jakarta

  13. a cute card Ann, and a whole cruise devoted to quilling, wow I'm sure you would have a ball

  14. I love quilling. I have only done paper quilling and not much of it but I am learning. I use it on cards that I make and I wish more people would use it.



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