Rolled Paper Ceramics

Today I bring you gorgeous photos and inspiration via two paper artists who work with simple strips of paper. Actually, this post came about like kismet... two emails arrived on the same date and although they took me to opposite sides of the world, each contained the name of artist Siba Sihabi.

Kerameikos by Siba Sahabi 2011
Photography: Maayan Ben Gal

You may remember a post from last spring about Siba's Tea Dance exhibit in Germany. Now she has a new collection of tableware vessels called Kerameikos, on display in Arnhem Gallery, Netherlands. Siba used strong and light resistant white wallpaper to craft bowls, mugs, and vases inspired by ancient Greek ceramics.

And onto my newest blog crush... At Down Under... a slice of kiwi life.

Vanille of New Zealand cuts paper, quills, and cooks... there's something new and beautiful underway each time I visit.

She has been making what she calls paper ceramics or petit pots. When I contacted her about photo use for this feature, she told me she was inspired by Siba's work.

Is it trite to say Vanille's gorgeous pictures make me happy? I hope not, because it's true. I've enjoyed making a few paper pots in my day, but none were as colorful, nor as beautifully photographed as these.

As I mentioned, she also does paper cutting. Here's a beautiful pitcher with Old World influence. It could be translated into quilling, you know... hmm, my wheels are turning. How about yours?

 There's always something new under the sun.
Have a lovely, creative weekend.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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