Exceptional Quilling by Diane Boden Crane

***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries. Scroll down to see who won!***

For those of you who are like me and continue to be amazed at the possibilities of paper quilling, do I have a post (and a giveaway) for you!

The work of Diane Boden Crane is synonymous with teeny-tiny perfection. You may recognize Diane as the author of the book, Miniature Quilling, featured here earlier this week.

Diane kindly sent these pictures of her designs to share with all of you. The top lifts off the sheep box and yes, even the knitting needles are made of paper! Just look at the ball of yarn - such perfect spirals.

Diane works almost exclusively with 2mm strips (1/16 inch here in the U.S., usually called "narrow" by suppliers). Not only that, but she often cuts them in half to make spirals which she uses as a length, or chopped up to give texture... for example, the covering on the sheep box... such infinitesimally small bits, practically as fine as glitter!

Feast your eyes on this whimsical wedding scene...

Diane and her husband, Tris, are the new owners of JJ Quilling Design [edit: 2022, the company has been sold] in England. If you've been quilling for a while, no doubt you are familiar with the name Jane Jenkins, as she is also a fabulously creative quiller and book author. (Quilling: Techniques and Inspiration is one of my favorites.) Jane and her husband are the original owners of the company.

As a way for us to get to know Diane and her plans for JJ Quilling Design, I asked her to tell us about herself.

How did you get started quilling?

I first discovered quilling in 1982 when I came across Elizabeth Aaron’s book “Quilling The Art of Paper Scroll Work”in a bookshop, followed by “Quilling Paper Art for Everyone” by Betty Christy and Doris Tracy, in my local library. I borrowed this book so much, it was in my house more than it was on the library shelf! More than 20 years later, someone unknown to me brought this book into the Arts Centre where I was teaching quilling one morning. I took one look at it, and thought, “Oh no, it can’t be!” It was – the very same book that I had borrowed so many times all those years ago – it was like seeing an old friend again after a long absence. So dear Betty and Doris have much to answer for!

You're active in The Quilling Guild of England, aren't you?

Not long after my first tentative steps in quilling, I discovered The Quilling Guild and became a member. I consider myself to be one of the “old girls” as my membership number is quite a low one! Around this time, I sent off for some quilling strips from a supply company called JJ Quilling Design. I remember being so impressed by their efficient, friendly service, that I wrote a letter back to tell them so. Little did I know that nearly 30 years on that I, together with my dear husband Tris, would be the new owners of JJ Quilling Design – the quilled coil has turned full circle!

I'm sure customers are happy that the company is the competent hands of another expert quiller.

Now it is my turn to be on the receiving end of customer comments, and I am pleased to say that we are receiving some nice feedback from our customers – definitely one of the perks of the job. Jane and Paul Jenkins are a hard act to follow, but we want to continue their tradition of service and giving customers confidence in our products because we understand the needs of quillers. We are still producing paper strips ourselves, and are still offering the full range of colours and varieties of paper strips.

Any future quilling plans you can share?

Once the business side of things has settled down a bit, my hope and desire is to find a little more time to design and produce Diane Boden Designs, as Jane has done before me – it is all in my head at the moment!

Where do you find inspiration for your delightful designs?

All things paper, to coin a phrase, has been a life long fascination for me, and the longer I live, the more things quillers find to do with a strip of paper – surely one of the most versatile materials ever made by man. I get my inspiration from a variety of sources, but the same topics seem to crop up over and over again . I enjoy gardening, but often my quilled flowers bloom more gloriously than the ones I had been aiming to grow in my back garden! Another recurring theme is food – I love the challenge of trying to represent something delicious in paper. Hopefully, my baking sessions in the kitchen result in tastier creations than my paper versions! It is nice though, when people look at a piece of foody quilling and say, “Oooh, that looks good enough to eat!”

The work of other quillers is always an inspiration, often prompting the response, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Perhaps that is the beauty of it, that everybody sees the world in a slightly different way and, as with handwriting, our quilling is personal to us, and no two hands produce the same work.

Taking over JJ Quilling Design is bringing many opportunities to be in touch with quillers not only in the UK, but by the magic of the wonderful web, with quillers all over the world. It is fascinating to hear how people have been introduced to the craft, and then take their new found enthusiasm to a whole new audience.

As a way of introducing the company and its brand new website, Diane and Tris are offering the opportunity to All Things Paper readers worldwide to win 12 packs of quilling paper of your own choosing! (excluding edged strips)
To enter, visit JJ Quilling Design, select your dream quilling supply, come back here, and name it in your comment.

Mentioning the giveaway on your own site or via Facebook or Twitter will count as up to three extra entries... let me know in your comment how many of these things you have done.
Giveaway ends Saturday night, the 19th. The winner will be chosen by Random.org and announced on this post on Sunday morning.

A personal note... I find that JJ papers handle very nicely. Here in the U.S. they're available from Quilling Supply.

Update: Random.org selected #59, Jackie Njeri, as the winner of a dozen packages of quilling paper. Congratulations!

Jackie wrote: What an inspiration! I wish I could quill like that. I love the gold edged strips! Hugs from a quiller in Africa.

Many thanks to everyone who entered. Your enthusiasm for Diane's quilling was fantastic and your comments were a delight to read!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, however, the listed Amazon books are affiliate links.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. ann thank u so much for letting us know about diane crane.. i have always appreciated her work so much.. i even have her book on chocolate making.. so when i read she is giving away 12 strips pack i did my little dance..
    i have put this up on my blog side bar.. i wud love to win either parchment strip pack or shaded strips pack.. my fingers are crossed to win ur give away this time

  2. Oh... how I would love those two boxes....but alas my skills aren't enough....or my patience!!! Thank you for showing us so many wonderful things....it's such a pleasure to come here and see them all.

  3. OMG .. I'm in love with those tiny delicate detailed creations .. I never saw these before and I hope Diane would publish them in a book .. I so hope she would ..
    Thanks Ann for sharing these pics with us .. Thank you

  4. I love this work ! and it's such a great opportunity to win these nice strips (the ones with gold edging)

  5. Loved reading the artical, she is so talented, beautiful art work,and believe her and her husband will do great with the buissness.I am new at blogging so I will try and post on my blog, still figuring it out, thanks so much for sharing with us Paula

  6. Fabulous giveaway and fabulous work. So gorgeous! I would love to win the giveaway and I love the shaded strips pack. baddabinda@yahoo.com

  7. I am in awe! I have never seen such beautiful work. I just couldn't believe that all of those beautiful little items were quilled. AMAZING! I am gonna share this, I am still amazed!

  8. Such impressive and delightful work!

  9. My dream quilling supply currently is most boringly a fine tip glue applicator. I also really like the kits JJ Quilling design has in particular the British wildflowers.

  10. I'm a fan of Diane's work is a great artist. His art is wonderful and surprising is the beauty and richness of details of these mice a ...Beautiful!!!!!
    made on paper perfectly, loved it. Diane has a blog?
    thank you for sharing

  11. Ann!!! What wonderful giveaway !! Thanks a lot for the opportunity!! I would love to have those papers on my hands!!:)))

    I always say that an artist is born with her talent and it´s up to her to show it to the world and inspire everyone. Diane has such a big talent and I´m sure everyone love her work as much as I do!

    Have a marvellous weekend!


  12. WOW!!! Lucky you, Diane is SOOOOOOOOO VERY talented!!!!! Thanks for sharing all this wonderful information and so inspiring to see her work! Hugs, antonella :-)

  13. Wow! What a cool post! I was linked to your blog from Craft, and just in time! Those are some amazing creations!


  14. Thanks JJ Quilling Design and All things paper for the great giveaway! I love their Single colour packs in different shades of green, blue and brown.
    Thanks once again !


  15. Ann,
    This is the first time I have posted. I enjoy your blog very much
    Diane's work is simply beautiful.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

    Vikki Levy

  16. Thank you for introducing me to such a great quiller. I just started trying to learn quilling with my 13 year old daughter. Hope one of us can be able to make something like these 2 boxes someday. If I were to win, I'd like either the florescent strips or the pearl edged.Thank you for the contest and inspiration you are providing.

  17. OMG ... what awesome work! I cannot wait to share the pictures with my students. So much talent!
    Diane is an inspiration!

  18. Such little twirls! Precious. I don't know how anyone can choose just 12 colors from the site either, it's all so gorgeous and vivid. If I were to win, I like the rainbow and the Azure or Denim blue. I love them all!!
    I've also blogged this http://weyrdkat.blogspot.com/2011/02/all-things-paper-jj-quilling-design.html and posted it on my facebook, but I don't twitter. Thanks so much for being so good to your readers!~

  19. Even after 50 years of quilling I'm still amazed at what people can do with the art. At first I thought her work must be crocheting but on closer examination I see it isn't. Hopefully she'll write another book and impart these techniques to the world. When I started quilling precut strips were limited and there were so many rules as to what was proper quilling. Now the sky is the limit. I just love her quilling.

  20. Sorry, I forgot this. I wish there were more close ups of her work so we could see exactly what was done.

  21. What fabulous work! I must say my number one quilling supply is always glue! I would love to try the parchment. Thanks to Anne and J.J. Quilling for the opportunity and information.

  22. I often wonder how Diane Boden, Mannayah and other amazing quillers do miniature quilling. It's not only lots of hard work, but also so much creativity. It is nice to know that JJ Quilling designs has been given in such creative hands. If I be given the chance to get the strips, I would like dark center graduated ones.Keeping my fingers crossed :)

  23. Those fizzgog kits look really fun =)

    Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  24. Those boxes are amazing and I just love the flowers in the mouse's bouquet!!! I'd love to win any of the colors in their single color packs, probably shades of blues and browns, and that might just be the incentive I need to finally try quilling something for Lachlan's room! :)

  25. I cannot believe those are quilled! Just amazing.

    I'd love to win some quilling strips, I've still only ever used my own handmade ones.

    The graduated narrow ones or the two tone would be great. Or even just a variety of solid colors. Honestly I'd just be happy trying out some real strips so whatever they'd think would be good for a beginner I'd be thrilled with.

    Thanks for the chance to win Ann!

  26. Hi Anne and Diane, I want to wish the Jenkins family a wonderful retirement and, you Diane, I wish great success at JJQuilling Supplies. I am teaching my 5 little neighbor girls to quill so would love to receive some variety pkgs. in all widths for them to create with. I cut nearly all of my narrow strips by hand so any of those would be appreciated. Good luck to you. Dema Simeri

  27. Oh my goodness!!!! Such artistry! How absolutely lovely, every single piece! If only I had a tenth of her talent!!!

  28. I am in love with that box and in awe of her talent. All I can add to that is WOW!!!!
    I guess my dream quilling supply would be paper strips in every color and type available :)

  29. Wow! The detail in her work is incredible!

    My dream supply would be the gold or silver edged paper, I would have big plans with that in my stash! :)

  30. Hi Ann,

    My dream quilling supplies are the holofoil gold and silver edged strips, or any metallic, but I would pick any of the strips, as they are gorgeous. I mentioned about the article and draw, on both my facebook page, and blog. Excellent interview and pics!


  31. I also tweeted this entry and giveaway!!

  32. Oooo, I ADORE miniatures...her work is exquisite!

  33. Diane's work is amazing! And I love the names of some of the paper colors. Winning some would be awesome. I love these colors: berry, apricot, Lincoln green, fuchsia, loganberry, cerise, powder pink, beech brown, robin brown, tan, fawn, or any of them really :)


  34. that tiny work would be intense, it is so intricate and lovely.
    Congrats on taking over your favourite shop, and good luck

  35. Diane's work is amazing and I hope she does another book so that I can add to the others I have of hers.


  36. I have never seen any one quill so beautifully. The quillings and details are so perfect, even in the smallest object quilled.She is an extreemly talented Quiller!!!

  37. OMG! Those tiny creatures are so beautiful! I am speechless.. I hope she comes up with a new book. Thanks so much Ann for sharing. My dream supply would be edging in all colours - Gold, Silver,copper, Metallic red,Green, Blue, Purple, Lilac or Pink :)

  38. I am at a loss of words . Diane's work is incredible. Such perfection ! makes me happy that I too quill.
    I quilling equipment pack looks good,though I would like to have all that is mentioned.
    I have mentioned your giveaway on the sidebar of my blog and on facebook and twitter.

  39. Your blog is always impressive. I have been a follower for quite sometime.
    Thanks for introducing such a talented artist to us. I had to pinch myself to believe that those lovely creations were made of paper. She truly has magical figures.

    I have mentioned teh giveaway on my blog.
    I enjoy quilling and would love one of those 3D 'Special Occassion' kits.


  40. WOW Diane's quilling is jaw dropping awesome.... wish I could quill like that.... good luck in the new venture... JJ Quilling is in good hands. My fav product would be a kit to make some 3d minitures.

    Off to post this on my blog

  41. I've posted on my blog http://whatsupwithcathy.blogspot.com/2011/02/what-to-see-something-amazing.html
    It automatically posts to both twitter and facebook too.

  42. absolutely superb... speechless...

  43. Thank you so much for this post, Ann. I was fascinated to see the photos of Diane's exquisite work which is inspiring to say the least! I'm really hoping to have the opportunity to meet her at this year's Quilling Guild AGM, and perhaps then to check out some of the JJ Quilling products at first hand.

    I must admit that, in the past, I'd always found the JJ Quilling website rather confusing - but the latest version is a revelation! Bright, welcoming and easy to follow, it really made me feel 'at home' so I will be visiting again - often! Here in the UK, specialist quilling suppliers are very hard to find. I think my 'fantasy quilling supplies' would be edged strips, some of the fascinating specialist tweezers that JJ Quilling have - and, if there is such a thing, a very fine needle tool WITHOUT a slot!

    Anyway, I'm very excited by this giveaway opportunity and will be sharing news of it on my blog (http://quilliance.blogspot.com) and my Facebook page, Quilliance. Thanks again!

  44. What beauty! Such thin and laborious work! I am simply fascinated!!

  45. What an inspiriation! I wish I could quill like that. I love the gold edged strips! Hugs from a quiller in Africa.

  46. Ann, I love soooooo much that you interviewed Diane!!! I respect her so so much, I admire her work a lot and seeing these wonderful things she does!
    Needless to tell you that I love every single product on their website and that I have been dreaming on ordering all of them for such a loooooooong time!!! My personal favourites are the single coloured packs, especially the 3 mm ones, no matter the colour! I love all their shades, ALL of them! And I want so much to win this giveaway, that I also posted this on my blog: http://happyquilling.blogspot.com/2011/02/ann-martins-giveaway.html
    Thank you for your visit and wish everybody Good Luck!

    Diana from Happy Quilling

  47. Ann!!! I just received the newsletter and I read it again!!! I forgot to write the kind of paper I would love just in case I win the candy!! (LOL) I really have no idea, we only have the regular one here. So, any kind of paper will be wonderful!!! I´m posting the candy at my blog too!!!
    Have a marvellous weekend.

  48. The amazing detail of her work is absolutely awe inspiring! It is beautiful! I love the knitting box! Compared to this woman, I am definitely a beginner!

    I think that the paper and the crimper would be my dream tools.....although a ticket and a week learning to quill as she does would be the ultimate tool!!

    I also posted this to my facebook page!!

    Thank you so much for sharing this!!

  49. Wow! What else can one say...I'm barely making flowers and look at this! Again...WOW!

  50. I´m here again!!! I need those papers!! LOL I posted it on my blog


    as well as on my facebook!!!:)))


    Have a great Day!!

  51. dear Ann,
    wow! such an exciting give-away :)
    the quilling is very inspiring & perfect.
    i posted this on my fb page & my dream supplies would be the stronger set and the metallic edge.
    thank you, Ann!

    stephanie in jakarta

  52. What an amazing artist. I would love to own any of her books. Especially the Eighteen Quilled Roses one.
    Very nice to have the chance to win the strips. Thank you.
    Theresa in Kitimat

  53. I'm blown away by these intricate designs!! i'd love to get some of the quilling needle tools!

    pranita319 (at) gmail (dot) com

  54. Great interview and AWESOME pictures. I will miss dealing with Jane and Paul but aaam so glad the new owners are Diane and Tris.

  55. I am continued to be amazed by what you can do with paper....her work is amazing.

    I am a little confused as to what I am to name but then again I have a terrible head cold and am not thinking {or reading} very clearly. I thought we were to name the colours of strips we wanted but no one else seems to have done that so I must be totally off the mark.

    My dream quilling supply would be anything to do with miniatures....book or kit. I have posted it on my blog and facebook.

    Thanks for sharing another great quiller and paper artist with us.

  56. I love all sizes & assorted sizes & colors I hope you'll create kits of some of your works

    Rustydoc1@yahoo.com Sandy

  57. their site is amazing the ring wrapping kit sounds great too/
    Her work is unbelievable!!!

  58. Wow. Such amazing work (the talent to create which I envy, by the way!) and I'm beyond impressed with the skill and detail of every single piece.

    My dream quilling supply would be a slotted needle tool. That thing makes starting coils so much easier (in my opinion) than my current method which is a toothpick!

  59. Oh my, amazing doesn't even seem close to capturing the talent here! I was a bit overwhelmed when I went to their site to take a look around, so I am afraid I would have to let the prize be at their choosing based on what they think I would like after visiting my Etsy shop! I am definitely sharing this on FaceBook and Twitter and posting this great opportunity on my blog: www.thebeaskneescrafts.blogspot.com

  60. Wow, Diane's work is simply amazing. I have her book and it is a constant source of inspiration. I wish her good luck with her new endeavor! My dream supply at the moment would be some mounts and frames/boxes. And the dowel set would be cool too. :) Thanks, Ann, for highlighting this amazing artist!

  61. What amazing work!! I could look at it for hours to try and figue it all out. My ultimate quilling things owuld be the glue withthe fine tip applicator and metallic edged strips in a variety of colors, actually what would be my fav. is her book as I love to quill and I love new ideas!!
    Thank you for this opportuinity.

  62. sono rimasta affascinata dalle tue creazioni sono meravigliose... ciao rosa.kreattiva

  63. Ann,

    this stuff is great!
    I hope to win! wooohooo! :)

    I would love.love to win the 'Black-n-White' Shaded Pack.


    Good luck to all!


  64. She does some adorable work. Love the idea of the metallic strips. I'm picturing shiny and bright cards

  65. Wow! Diane's works are all so amazing.. the more i see such exquisite works the more inspired i am.. thank u so much Ann, for letting us know about Diane Crane.. ur blog has introduced me to lots of talented quillers.. this is my first giveaway participation.. of course 12 packs of quilling paper is too tempting to keep me away from participating..
    i have put this up on my blog as a post.. i have shared abt this on my FB wall.. also i have tweeted abt the giveaway.. i would love to have any colors.. graduated sheets and pearl sheets would be very helpful and encouraging for beginners like me.. my fingers are crossed to win ur give away..
    my email: rt.yels@gmail.com
    my blog: http://paperandme.blogspot.com

  66. First of all, wish them luck with JJ Quilling Supplies.
    I'm absolutely speechless about her quilling. I stared at the knitted sweaters and hats. Look so real.
    Well, I did my best and posted about a giveaway to my Facebook profile and group, and on my blog.
    In case I win this giveaway, I would prefer...anything LOL
    Thanks for the post, Ann.

  67. Beautiful work. It's inspiring to see what paper can be made into. I'l love the pearl coated paper strips!

  68. I have just starting seeing projects with quilling and I am in awe. So I would love to win the tool needed and a starter pack of paper and idea book, whatever that packet would be. I am just in awe with the items that are shown on this site that Diane Crane made, what talent!!! I am at a loss of words to describe how I feel about the items other than beyond my wildest dreams. I would love to be able to learn this technique and if I win this contest I hope I will be able to learn how to do it sooner than if I don't win. Thank you so much for the chance.

  69. They are all so neat! I love the black faced sheep though, he is a jewel!

  70. Ann, thank you to you and JJ Quilling Design for this opportunity.
    well, like strips of standard size 3mm.
    I'll put a post on my blog and on Facebook.
    lucky winner of this gift.

  71. That's such a meticulous work, pretty amazing !

  72. Thanks million to Ann for sharing Diane's excellent works with us. Wishing Diane and Tris will have another success in joining JJ Quilling. Both Miniature Quilling and Techniques & Inspiration are my favorite books and always recommended to my friends and students. Due to difficulties in finding suitable paper (not even paper strips), I would like to pick brown and green colour theme: mustard, natural green, lincoln green, powder green, moss green, tan, fawn, beige, beech brown, robin brown, etc. I will post your to my 2 blogs: Clare Wong and Clare Quilling. It will take longer time to post your blog to my website.
    Clare/ Hong Kong

  73. The quilling by Diane Boden is absolutely amazing. Such patience and fine detailed work it is hard to believe it is paper. The pieces are very inspiring and it I can manage half as well I will be happy.

  74. OMG, these are certainly one of a kind, what a treat to the eyes.

    Ann, thanks so much for sharing this, what an inspiration.

    My preference will be the books, any book will be more than welcome.

    Had to share this on my blog if you don't mind.

    Blessings, LM

  75. Wow!! Diane your quilling is perfect!
    Ann thank you so much for sharing this amazing work!


  76. Ann,

    I always look forward to your blog, thank you so much for sharing this, the pictures are just so amazing. I'm in awe.


  77. Thanks for another great article.

    I am lucky enough to of seen some of Diane's quilling in those pictures in real life and it is just amazing.

    I would love any new quilling supplies but you can't beat some packs of shaded colours - they are so lovely to look at, especially the purples and it's almost a shame to use them!

    I have also linked to your article from my blog so hopefully more people can appreciate the lovely work.

  78. wow. Those are beautiful creations you have posted on your blog. I'd love a new slotted tool or maybe some of the floral/butterfly kits from J.J.'s. But there's so many great things to pick from.

  79. Sheer perfection on such a small scale, I sure wish my fingers would work that way! If I were the lucky winner I'd choose shaded strips.

    Carolyn A.

  80. Absolutely fabulous work, I've never seen anything like it.


  81. 12 quilling packs - wow!!

    I would love to try some of the graduated strips (the red and lilac seem to be calling to me), some of the mixed pearl coated strips, the shaded packs sound interesting and I love all the colors in the single color packs - so many lovely choices!!


  82. What amazing work I love the boxes and the tiny details on the mice! make mini flowers and things like that mostly from quilling papers so some of the graduated colours in a narrow width would be great but equally I keep meaning to have a go at some bigger pictures and the like!

  83. This is so incredible! I'd love to get in on this action. I just started quilling a month or so ago and I am loving it!

    My dream quilling supply would be the crimping machine. I'd love to be able to work with that!

  84. Oh, I forgot to mention that I tweeted about this, too! Sorry I didn't add that above.

  85. I would love to try the summer shades from the shaded pack. What amazing talent!

    onehotstove AT gmail DOT com

  86. WOW!Beautiful creations!!Thanks Ann for sharing.Hope to win some strips as I have always used handcut strips only.

  87. Just learned about yr site from our quilling teacher - Clare Wong. Diane's work is so detailed and beautiful, very impressed! Will check out JJ Quilling Design from now on to learn more!

    My dream supply: Jane Jenkins' "CONNIE & CONNOR - SPORTS AND PASTIMES

  88. How exciting for Diane with this venture. Her work is very inspiring for me. I'm new to miniatures, but am having a ball creating the "little ones". My choice for papers would be
    metallic edged Pale Yellow, One color: pastel green, salmon, maize, cyclamon, loganberry, robin brown, greenish white, pinkish white-Shaded autumn shades, paler pastels, purples. Thank you for the opportunity and blessing with your new business!

  89. My dream supply would be the crimping machine, I've never used one. Her creations are amazing! Thanks for the giveaway.

  90. My grandmother taught me to quill in the 70's! My finger would be so sore and torn up from using a make shift tool! But quiling has come so far since then!!!

  91. I would like the Beginner's kit to get started with quilling - it looks like fun!

  92. Hi Ann, what a marvellous quilling display by Diane Crane! I just love Diane's tiny mouse family, with so much fine detail!! I wish Diane the very best in her new adventure with JJ quilling supplies and I can't wait to see what lovely surprises Diane has in store for us.

  93. love love love miniatures!!!!! that is superrr!!! i love it!!

  94. wow Im impressed, the fine detail, I've been quilling for a while and its so great, to see work like yours, leaves me inspired to get a bit more creative and to think out of the square.
    erena from down under.


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