Quilled Chocolates

When this picture came through my Facebook feed recently, I knew it would be the perfect feature for Valentine's Day. Hard to believe the candies are made entirely of paper, isn't it?! Maritiza Burbuja Laboy of Puerto Rico was the creator, and I had the pleasure of meeting her last spring at the North American Quilling Guild convention.

Making rolled paper chocolates that look decidedly realistic has been popular ever since the publication of Miniature Quilling. I don't know about you, but just gazing at that tantalizing cover sets off some serious craving - yum!

Let's see a close-up of Maritza's confections...

She told me her two year old nephew desperately wanted a taste... aww, not surprising as they look so much like the real thing. Maritza designed such a nice variety of candy shapes... there are even some hearts in the mix.

Later in the week I'll be back with an interview (and giveaway!) with the author of Miniature Quilling, Diane Boden Crane, so stay tuned.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Disclosure: The book title is an affiliate link.
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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