Kevin Stanton - Paper-Cut Artist

There's no shortage of talent in this world and Kevin Stanton is proof of that. He's an illustrator and paper cutter I've had my eye on for a while now... I landed on his blog and spied his memorable business cards. Coolest cards ever - for sure you'd think twice before tossing away one of these hand cut beauties.

Kevin is a recent graduate of Pratt Institute for Illustration and resides in Brooklyn, New York. He has lots of interests, including music and plants, both of which are evident in quite a few of his designs.

As a fan of singer Corinne Bailey Rae, I definitely relate to this piece. Check out the fine detail of her knitted sweater that plays so well against the angular cuts of her hair and features.

Actually, Kevin has done a whole series of cut paper portraits that you can find on his blog, The Great Windmill. Many are musicians, but fashion designer/film director Tom Ford caught my eye too... great resemblance!

Kevin is always up for a challenge and enjoys working in different mediums.

For this monarch / lion design, he combined watercolor paper with flat paper as an experimental sketchbook page. And here's a lovely and subtle woodblock print. To Do lists have never looked so classy.

A proposal he designed recently for a book cover.

Not your run of the mill seed packets!

My very favorite of Kevin's work so far though, is this piece based on a painting by French artist, Fragonard, which is composed of paper strips.

Clearly I've not tapped the full potential of my box of tangled quilling strips!

Read an interesting interview with Kevin at Walking in Public.

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