Starburst Pendant Lamp

Starburst Pendant Lamp made of white vellum triangular strips

How's this for a knock your socks off light? Allie of The3Rs made it after seeing a tutorial by Gabrielle Guy that was featured recently on Design Sponge. Gabrielle used scrap paper to cover a Chinese paper lantern and Allie used white vellum... either way, you're guaranteed a spectacular result!

Have a Fab Friday!
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Beautiful!I really love Allie's work.

  2. Absolutely Stunning! They would look perfect on my porch. Thanks!

  3. Love it! Thanks for the beauty.


  4. My goodness! Going to go check out the tutorial because I have no idea how this was created! Gorgeous papers! Thanks Ann!

  5. what a beautiful light of love it
    Greetings Baukje

  6. Hello there!

    You've received a tag here:

    Light & peace,


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