Quilled Rabbit Cards

Ahhh, I love this time of year... the days are warming up, tulips are in bloom, and birds are nesting. It's a nice time to be a quiller as chicks, ducklings, and bunnies are fun to translate into paper.

I made this card for the Custom Quilling newsletter and enjoyed creating the polished stone background. There's nothing like a good play session that involves mixing drops of re-inkers (small bottles of ink used to renew stamp pads) with rubbing alcohol on glossy white paper. Here's a link to a tutorial by Beate Johns of Splitcoaststampers fame. The paper truly winds up looking like marble if you use a few drops of metallic ink... I just wish my camera had captured the shine so you could get the full effect.

This next card shows the same chubby rabbit, but it features a quilled tulip instead of a folded flower. Just some ideas in case you're in need of an Easter greeting to send... be quick like a bunny and hop to it though - Sunday will be here before we know it!

By the way, is my family the only one to wish one another good luck on the first day of each month by saying rabbit-rabbit? The unwritten rule is that it has to be the very first thing said that morning. Of course we usually don't think of it, but it's pretty fun when one of us actually remembers!

One last thing for today... the Creative Paper Cutting book giveaway winners were announced on Saturday. Congrats again to Eva and The Bees Knees. Even if you didn't win this time around, there's another giveaway coming up next week. Crazy, right? But true!
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Those cards are adorable Anne.. haven't tried that on shiny paper yet.. hmmmmm.. lol hope you have a lovely week..

  2. Cute card, love the layers for the back ground!

  3. I had no idea about this funny rule, but I kind of like it !

  4. cute bunny Ann. The background does look rich will check out the tutorial.

  5. Tulips are my favorite flower, and I love your quilled version!

  6. Cute bunny, Ann - and a lovely background! Here in UK the tradition is to say "white rabbits" on the first of the month - I've no idea why either!!

  7. what a beautiful card!
    Groetjes Baukje

  8. those are so cute. Love the chubby little bunnies. I've never heard of wishing someone good luck by saying rabbit rabbit. Interesting.

  9. I, too, try to say, "Rabbit, Rabbit" on the first of the month. I learned it from a Chinese guy I dated in college. Nice to know other people do it, too! He also told me that they see a rabbit in the moon and not a man.

    PS. Love your card, it's beautiful. But question, how do you send a quilled card without it getting squashed in the mail?

  10. White rabbits, a rabbit in the moon... who knew?! I love hearing from you all.

    gatofish, a quilled card can be placed between two sheets of lightweight cardboard and placed inside a bubble wrap mailer. An alternative would be to put the card inside a shallow box constructed of heavyweight cardstock, with bubble wrap placed over the quilling. Here's a link for templates to make your own boxes. http://www.cardmakingparadise.com/box_templates.htm

  11. Fun tradition! :D
    Cute chubby rabbit :)
    I missed your giveaway :( I haven't online for some days and the giveaway already closed :(
    I'll join your next giveaway <3

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  12. Cute bunny on card. Love the spring colors

  13. Your rabbits are too cute, Ann! And I love your two variations of flowers ... PERFECT! I've never heard of the "rabbit-rabbit" tradition down here in Texas. BUT I'm sure going to start it next month! lol

  14. Those cards are very nice, i like it a lot. And now when the Easter comes they are perfect. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

  15. Love the rabbit! I missed your blog while I was away. Always a treat.

  16. These are just beautiful! I have always wanted to give quilling a try. I think I'm ready!



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