Crepe Paper Carrots

I have to admit I'm not usually a huge fan of cute, except when it pertains to babies.... and for that reason I'm perfectly fine with the adorable-ness factor that ramps up high on the craft scene at this time of year. All sorts of bunnies, chicks, lambs, and decorated eggs spring forth - yep, I'm a guilty participant... you've already seen my spring centerpiece and on Monday I'll have another bit of cute for you.

All that said, I got a kick out of these rolled paper carrots [edit: no longer available] as seen on Martha Stewart's website because they're something different than the usual spring decor suspects. With very few necessary supplies, the life-size carrots look like a breeze to make quickly and simply from crepe paper streamers. Place a bunch (pun intended, ha) in a garden basket as a centerpiece or fill them with little toys and treats to give out as party favors.

By the way, one of my quilling pals, Molly at It's Molly Smith, recently blogged three versions of mini-carrots that are pretty sweet too!
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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