DIY Cherry Blossoms Card with Quilled Leaves

Mother's Day is this coming Sunday here in the U.S. (and perhaps where you live too) which was a big surprise to me when I realized it a couple of days ago! You also? It came along especially fast this year with the 1st falling on a Sunday, and led me to do a quick shift in post topics.... so today I have another card idea that would be a good one for mom.

It's pretty safe to say mothers appreciate when their children make them something - no matter the age of the mom or the age of the child. Time might be short before Sunday, but don't let that stop you from trying your hand at this design I devised, even if you're brand new to quilling. The leaves are a mixed bag of sizes, which takes the match-y pressure off. You'll find my quilled cherry blossoms card tutorial at the MAKE website.

Another bit of news... remember Elizabeth Moad and her self-published book, Christmas Quilling?

Lots of you have asked how to get a copy here in the U.S. Elizabeth emailed to say that it is now available at The Book Depository. This is an English company, but it ships worldwide with no shipping fee! Not only that, major credit cards and PayPal are accepted!

Lastly, I wrote up the pattern for the daisy card on Monday's post since it was proving to be pretty popular - hope you'll enjoy making it.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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