Friday, May 6, 2011

Begona Rentero - Paper Jewelry

Thanks to a tip from reader (and fine writer) Maureen Doallas, I was taken to images of the work of Begona Rentero. Begona is a Spanish designer, originally from Granada, who makes exquisite paper jewelry inspired by nature. To my eyes, these vibrant Monet earrings fit in perfectly as a Fab Friday feature.

Monet Earrings
photography: Susan Roth

They look so real to me - like they were just plucked off a tropical plant!

Begona makes her own papers from silk, cotton, and other fibers, colors them with all natural dyes, and hardens each piece with a special method so it can be worn without a care in the world. Lightweight and comfortable, I'm imagining these earrings would be just right for so many summer occasions.

Begona's jewelry collection can be found at The Island Gallery in Bainbridge, Washington.


  1. So beautiful and the colours so vibrant. Really a treat to see all her creations.

  2. Wow...such beautiful creations...Thanks ann for showcasing such beautiful works !

  3. You always have such fabulous creations to feature!

  4. ammmmazing! i love the colors so much!

  5. Such wonderful work, and what fun it would be to wear such earrings.

  6. WOW such beautiful work, the earings do look so real!!!

  7. Fab, indeed! Happy Friday! :)


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