Incredible Swan Paper Cutting by Michael Lomax

Michael Lomax [tumblr no longer available] is a young illustrator, graphic designer, and paper cut artist in Wales. I came across a link to his website recently, and was delighted when it opened on this stunning white on white paper cut swan. The design captures both the grace and power of the bird, and the multitudes of fine cuts are just incredible. All those tiny herringbone wing cuts - oh my!

detailed white paper cutting of swan with wings extended

I asked Mike what inspired him and he replied, "My paper cuts tend to go down the fairy tale route which is so rich in visual media that the inspiration is endless! I've got some exciting fairy tale-esque pieces planned for the near future too."

Can only imagine what you'll do next, Mike - best success to you!

Have a great weekend everyone, and I'll see you on Monday with a giveaway for something that I've been having a lot of fun with this week - can't wait to show you!

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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