Quilled Father's Day Card - Cool Cat

June already! Father's Day is on the horizon. Perhaps your dad is a cool dude... well, so are most cats pretty cool, or at least they give the impression they think they are! This quilled fellow, inspired by a rubber stamp I saw ages ago, is no exception.

quilled Father's Day card features cat wearing sunglasses

Dare I say the glowing, foxy sunglasses give him a bit of personality? Golden metallic paper and trimmed down punchees from a standard hole puncher do the deed.

handmade quilled cat Father's Day card

Russet brown eyelash yarn for the tag tie does a pretty convincing job of conveying the idea of fur - at least the kind that stands on end.... HISS!! Same goes for the soft and fuzzy suede background paper.

cute quilled cat card for dad
I used the score blade on my paper cutter to make an embossed border on both the gold paper and cream card... quick to do, kind of manly, and I like the way the lines frame the cat.

close-up of quilled cat wearing sunglasses on greeting card
If you're new to quilling, check out the Tutorials tab located at the top of the page for lots of how-tos and tips. Questions? I'll be happy to help in the comments section.

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Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. SOOOO cool. I also love the embossed border and the sunglasses such a nice idea.

  2. Puurfect for Dads .
    i love the sun glass .
    you are really an inspiration for beginners like me.

  3. simple and nice, the cat look cool and steady. =)

  4. Oh your cat is so lovely, perfect for a father's card for sure...! I like how you can do complex character with simple quilling, you're so creativ... bravo !

  5. This is adorable. I love his attitude ;) LOL! Is he a New Yorker? LOL!

  6. awsome, love the sunglasses, it gives the cat attitude!!!

  7. Hi! Love your quilling work!! This cat is adorable! I've watched the video quite a few times to try to help me with rolling my coils on the needle instead of the slot tool! It's difficult, but I just keep trying. I can't get my coils to be even when I need them to be!! Thanks for all the inspiration,especially for us beginners!! I'm lovin' so far!!

  8. So cute! But my dad isn't much of a cat guy. They call him "muleman" for good reason. What's the chance that you have a tutorial for a quilled mule? :D

  9. Love kitties, quilling, dad, and, your card! Great project!!


  10. Wonderful how you pointed out all the little detail touches that can turn a simple card into something so cooooool!

  11. dear Ann,
    what a cool cat that is!!!!

  12. Oh Ann, that is truly a cool cat! I love it.

  13. Thanks for all the great comments, everyone!

    Sandy, ha yes, I wish he could tell us where he's from. :)

    Cindee, aww I understand completely... I was frustrated with the needle tool in the beginning too, but it truly does become second nature with practice.

    Melissa - hmm, a mule eh?! Will have to think about that for a bit. :)

    Lissa, thanks and yes... it's the sum of the parts!

  14. Oooh, your blog has changed design. I haven't been active in the crafty blogosphere for a while - but I love your clean, light new look, Ann!
    Thank you for the comment on my last entry, Ann, I appreciate it :-)

  15. Thanks Sonja - I'm glad you're back!

  16. How neat! I love your quilled kitty!


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