Pretty Die Cut Scroll Frames

1/20/20 My apologies for this post landing in your inbox this morning... I've been updating the blog and somehow it went out as a new post. Far from it! But stay tuned, as next week there will be fresh content that I think you'll really enjoy! 

Nicole Lombardo is a graphic designer, avid scrapbooker, and card maker who unabashedly loves scrolls. Utilizing her graphic skills, she has designed many - and I mean many - die cut flourishes that are so nice for scrapbook layouts and cards.

Not only does Nicole use them in her own studio; they're available via her Etsy shop, niklindesigns1225 [edit: shop is now devoted to clothing], in a wide variety of cardstock colors and paper types, as well as fabric.

Scrolls are very popular in the design world these days, but even if they weren't, I'd be drawn to Nicole's designs. I'll blame it on my love of paper filigree... we quillers just gravitate to flowing lines.

That's probably why I especially love the scroll frames that Nicole designs. They'd be the perfect surround for a favorite photo, but I'm thinking a quilled flower or two positioned inside the die cut would be pretty too.

Nicole cuts entire sheets of square paper with repetitive designs that are works of art in themselves - great as framed wall decor, and she also creates beautifully detailed borders for scrapbook pages.

In addition to intricate scrolls, Nicole also has a passion for glitter and glitz. Recently she added rhinestone transfers to her Etsy arsenal that can be ironed onto just about anything, paper or fabric.

You might recognize Nicole's name as she's an ad sponsor on All Things Paper. Her paper die cuts caught my eye when they were featured in an Etsy email, which led to this post and her interest in placing an ad. Purchases from Nicole's shop are 25% off through Friday, excluding custom orders.

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