Pulp Fiction - Perfect Paper Projects Giveaway!

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Mark Montano is one busy guy... you might recognize his name from host and designer duties on several popular TV series in recent years, such as While You Were Out, 10 Years Younger, and My Celebrity Home. But not only is Mark a familiar face to television audiences, he's also made quite a name for himself in the creative publishing world.

Perhaps you've heard of Mark's popular books, The Big-Ass Book of Crafts and The Big-Ass Book of Home Decor. Today I'm delighted to feature his newest title, Pulp Fiction - Perfect Paper Projects, which is right up my alley by the title alone.

Clever home decor, funky jewelry, and popular book art... each craft uses some non-exotic type of paper and other common supplies, none of which will break the bank. There's liberal use of Mod Podge, spray paint, and glitter.

The number of ideas Mark comes up with makes my head spin.... and creating seems almost effortless due to his you-can-do-it enthusiasm.

Pulp Fiction is written in a conversational style that inspires confidence. Many of the projects involve recycling, decoupage, and are kid-friendly... ideal for encouraging creativity / filling idle time this summer.

Here you'll find complete directions to make this sample project - a glam masquerade mask.

I have to say that having exchanged a few emails with Mark about the giveaway, he is just as genuine as his 'voice' comes across in the book. For example, take a look at the lovely way he sent my copy... now there's a thoughtful guy!

Actually, Mark sent two copies of Pulp Fiction - Perfect Paper Projects - one for review purposes and one for a lucky All Things Paper reader in the U.S. or Canada. To enter, just leave a comment. For additional chances to win, subscribe to Mark's blog, "Like" All Things Paper on Facebook, and/or spread the word about the giveaway via a blog post, Facebook, and/or on craft forums. Be sure to state any extras you've done in your comment, provide links where applicable, and just one more thing... please include your email address in the written portion of your comment if you don't have a blog.

The giveaway ends at the end of Saturday, July 2nd. The winner will be selected by random.org and announced the next day on this post. Good luck!

By the way, The Big-Ass Book of Crafts 2 is expected out in October - I told you Mark's creativity is endless!

Book photos: Auxy Espinoza

Disclosure: Book titles are affiliate links.Update: Congratulations to Beth, commenter #4, as selected by Random.org. Beth, I'll get the book off to you as soon as you send me your mailing address. Many thanks to all who took the time to enter. Even if you didn't win this time, take heart - there will be another book giveaway coming up in the next couple of weeks.
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