Christmas in July Paper Crafts

Google Analytics tells me people are finding their way here by searching for quilled snowflakes and Christmas paper crafts, so at least some of you are already thinking about the holidays. I agree it's nice to get a jump on making things, or at least to have an arsenal of ideas bookmarked for later. I've gathered a few things that I plan to do... oh, probably around December 20th or so, knowing me. It just wouldn't be Christmas in my house without a frenzied craft project cluttering the kitchen table!

Origami decorations

The shape of these origami hanging decorations reminds me of traditional tree ornaments, only sleeker. Find the full tutorial at the colorful site, (that's mini-eco :))

gift wrap 2011

Linda Demers at a la mode is always coming up with good ideas. I've admired her seatbelt handbags, and think these little gift bags are mighty clever too. She's even filmed a video, so we'll know exactly how to make a quick batch when the time comes. (Update: sadly, her site is no longer.)

Lastly, I bet most everyone admires a handmade garland at the holidays, whether it's strung popcorn and cranberries or something more elaborate. This paper poinsettia garland tutorial [no longer available] from Martha Stewart is reminiscent of poinsettias. I think it would be beautiful made up in shades of gold, or perhaps greens and reds that aren't necessarily the traditional kelly and clear red.

Let me be the first to wish you Happy Holidays 2011... ready, set, go!

p.s. I promise there will be a quilled snowflake pattern coming in the not too distant future. Meanwhile, here are links to previous patterns: snowflake 1 and snowflake 2.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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