Monday, August 1, 2011

Paper Art and Craft Examples via Gulnas' Kunstblog

I came across Gulnas' Kunstblog (kunst is German for art) after Gulnas commented on a recent post, and found myself clicking through page after page of her blog... such a versatile artist!

Quilled cornflowers

Quilled cornflowers - in progress

Not only does Gulnas quill, but she combines quilled flowers with original sketches and paper piecing which gives it an appealing, modern look. She's only been quilling for two years, having discovered it on the internet.

Quilled sunflowers

Quilled sunflowers

Gulnas also makes figures of paper maché, origami flowers, and does 3-D modular origami, not to mention other crafts, such as needle felting and salt dough sculpture.

Paper maché bird

Creative with recycled materials, this whimsical paper maché bird was made from - believe it or not - beer coasters, along with wire and acrylic paints.

Paper sculpture chilis

Gulnas fashioned a string of realistic chili peppers from wrapping paper, string, and paint.

She lives in Germany, but grew up in Russia where she completed studies as an art teacher.

Origami roses

Cardboard tube cats

Folded strawberries
mural of painted origami strawberries

Because Gulnas isn't working in an artistic field currently, she creates only when she has spare time... but something tells me her future art students will be very lucky to have her as a teacher!


  1. Wonderful creativity. Love the chili peppers, cats, and origami strawberries.

  2. Thanks Ann for showcasing Gulna's work. I love her quilling, her 3d origami pieces, sculptures, life drawings, paper mache and not toforget her snails featured on her blog.

  3. Wow! Again, WOW! I love this stuff, she is really talented!!! You always provide links that delight me and give me a "lift"...I get excited whenever I see a new post!

  4. beautiful creations you have made ​​again I admire your work!
    Greetings Baukje

  5. what talent and creativity. I just love the sunflowers and those cats are amazing. I'm going to check out her blog now

  6. wow, how different, Love the marriage of quilling with other mediums

  7. Really amazing work. Though i have been to her blog before , I have not seen all her pages , The chili peppers do look realistic. What a beautiful blog too.

  8. This work is fabulous! I especially like her little bird and the red chili's look just like the ones in our garden!

  9. Amazing creations! Thanks for sharing.

  10. mind idea of creation.!strawberries are eye catching.great job !

  11. Awesome stuff. And as a native New Mexican, I really dig the chile ristra! :)

  12. This is a fabulous post! That artist should be making a living from her art. The world is missing out the beauty that she creates. I especially love the origami flowers and vase. I'm also going to try my hand at mixing drawing and quilling. Wow!

  13. This so cool, makes me smile. I love bright colors as anyone who has visited my blog will see! Would love to see more of her work.


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