Paper Art and Craft Examples via Gulnas' Kunstblog

I came across Gulnas' Kunstblog (kunst is German for art) after Gulnas commented on a recent post, and found myself clicking through page after page of her blog... such a versatile artist!

Quilled cornflowers

Quilled cornflowers - in progress

Not only does Gulnas quill, but she combines quilled flowers with original sketches and paper piecing which gives it an appealing, modern look. She's only been quilling for two years, having discovered it on the internet.

Quilled sunflowers

Quilled sunflowers

Gulnas also makes figures of paper maché, origami flowers, and does 3-D modular origami, not to mention other crafts, such as needle felting and salt dough sculpture.

Paper maché bird

Creative with recycled materials, this whimsical paper maché bird was made from - believe it or not - beer coasters, along with wire and acrylic paints.

Paper sculpture chilis

Gulnas fashioned a string of realistic chili peppers from wrapping paper, string, and paint.

She lives in Germany, but grew up in Russia where she completed studies as an art teacher.

Origami roses

Cardboard tube cats

Folded strawberries
mural of painted origami strawberries

Because Gulnas isn't working in an artistic field currently, she creates only when she has spare time... but something tells me her future art students will be very lucky to have her as a teacher!
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