Eco-Friendly NewspaperWood Desk

Isn't this lovely furniture? I wonder if you would have guessed the material used to make it, if not for me spoiling the surprise with the post title. It's hard to believe such elegance can be achieved by compressing layers of ordinary newspaper.

NewspaperWood table

Vij5 [edit: site is no longer available] is a design firm founded by Arjan van Raadshooven and Anieke Branderhorst of the Netherlands. For the NewspaperWood collection, Arjan and Anieke collaborated with Mieke Meijer who engineered the material, as well as a number of product designers who have created a variety of beautiful, yet functional objects that includes jewelry, a cupboard, cabinet, stool, and lamp.

The "From A to Z" desk was designed by Greetje van Tiem. Its waxed front was made from NewspaperWood and features abstract, lasercut letters as a nod to newspaper words, which function as drawer handles.

NewspaperWood table with open drawer

I'm sneaking in an additional Fab Friday picture here, so you can have a closer look at the "grain" of NewspaperWood. It's quite remarkable that the layers of a cut newspaper log resemble true wood grain or even tree rings. The product can be cut, milled, and sanded just like any other type of wood! When it's eventually time to be recycled again, NewspaperWood has been designed in such a way that the glue between the layers can be separated from the paper.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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