Jitesh Patel - Quilling Artist

To my way of thinking, the expression "age-old art of quilling" perpetuates the myth that paper rolling hasn't kept up with the times. Oh contraire!


Tremendous new life has been breathed into quilling in recent years by Yulia Brodskaya, and now Jitesh Patel, not to mention many others. Each person brings credibility to the art as a contemporary and innovative medium.

Not convinced? Take it from top ad agencies who use the illustrative power of quilling to promote new products and services. An example... the following two Alpina Yogurt designs created by Jitesh for Vitro of San Diego.



So you might be wondering... just who is Jitesh Patel?

I came across his work via Twitter and was delighted to see the elegant lines of his modern designs. Jitesh is an expert illustrator - both hand drawn and digital - and an art director in London. Advertising and brand design are his specialties, with a client list that includes well-known stores, banks, magazines, hotels, and airlines.


Jitesh first sketches his ideas on paper, and then works them through to completion via computer. He has found it helpful to build a library of original design elements, which he returns to for use in illustrations.


The above design incorporates a gift, hands, and a clock, and was created for City Magazine in Minneapolis (Nov 2010) to illustrate an article on volunteering.


Currently Jitesh is experimenting with new techniques, important in keeping one's style fresh. He also credits travel and his love of fashion as inspiration.


Jitesh's designs are generally composed of simple lines, yet they appear intricate and delicate. Scrolls provide a sense of movement.


photo of Jitesh Patel, Royal Mail Magazine

Jitesh collaborated with studio-mate and 3-D designer, Alex Hammond, to bring his quilled, metallic flower vase to life in this short video.Link

See more of Jitesh Patel's work on Behance, as well as his blog.
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  1. Beautiful work! I've really enjoyed seeing so many wonderful examples of quilling on your site, yours and others. I haven't quilled in ages, but I'm feeling the itch to dive back in.

  2. amazing
    you always show amazing talents Ann

    thanks for sharing


  3. The video is so enchanting. Thanks for featuring such an inspiring talent Ann. My boys are also so impressed to see a guy quill so well.

  4. Thankyou so much for featuring such superb quilling !

  5. Wow, Ann! I love his work. Another great find to start out the week! Thanks for sharing and all the gorgeous photos of his work + video.

    Have a great week! xo

  6. Hi Anne
    I love your work it is brilliant
    and thanks for the nice compliments

  7. yet another reason why I am so fascinated with quilling. I'm in awe of such talent.

  8. Amazing quilling.. thanks Ann.. always something interesting..

  9. wow...this is sooo very beautiful...! Thanks for showcasing such amazing talent Ann !

  10. wow Amazing work, thanks for sharing!!!

  11. No wonder the word "awe" is in "awesome". Inspiring magnifying glass as always, Ann.

  12. I'm so glad that they're finally using quilling as a real art form. I hate the fact that when I tell people about quilling they think I mean quilting. Also, the dictionary doesn't recognize the word quilling. I keep getting a red line every time I type it here online or in my Word program. Grrrr.

  13. WHOA! Those are the most perfect coils I've ever seen! He must not use a slotted quilling tool. Beautiful!!!

  14. hi Ann

    I love Jitesh's quilled masterpieces! I am so pleased that quilled artpieces are getting lots of exposure, they are an inspiration!!


  15. Extraordinary!!! bravo!!! it's imposible for me! Fany

  16. This is awesome stuff! I wonder how it is done...
    thanks for sharing the designs - i love the colour combinations!


  17. its outstanding....!

  18. Wich programme is this? For make illustration?


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