Gift Wrapping with Quilling Paper

I've always loved to wrap gifts, even when the item doesn't really require packaging. Case in point... a store or restaurant gift card. I'd be very surprised if I'm the first person to think of this idea, but dressing up a little plastic rectangle makes it a lot more festive and present-like... not to mention less likely to be overlooked in a stack of presents at a wild and crazy party... because what's a party without wild craziness? I kid.

Gift card wrapping

Quick and easy... score and fold cardstock around the gift card (and menu, in this case), close it with a sticker (kindly provided by the restaurant, yay), tape a few strips of color-coordinated quilling paper all around, and finish it off with a bow.


Another idea... this loopy fringed flower reminds me of a gerbera daisy and takes the place of a bow. I used a sheet of handpainted TerraSkin to make it, but any medium weight paper or light cardstock also works well. Staying in all-paper mode, I taped a few strips of quilling paper on the diagonal instead of ribbon.

The complete how-to is on Makezine: Fringed Flower Gift Topper

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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