Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gift Wrapping with Quilling Paper

I've always loved to wrap gifts, even when the item doesn't really require packaging. Case in point... a store or restaurant gift card. I'd be very surprised if I'm the first person to think of this idea, but dressing up a little plastic rectangle makes it a lot more festive and present-like... not to mention less likely to be overlooked in a stack of presents at a wild and crazy party... because what's a party without wild craziness? I kid.

Gift card wrapping

Quick and easy... score and fold cardstock around the gift card (and menu, in this case), close it with a sticker (kindly provided by the restaurant, yay), tape a few strips of color-coordinated quilling paper all around, and finish it off with a bow.


Another idea... this loopy fringed flower reminds me of a gerbera daisy and takes the place of a bow. I used a sheet of handpainted TerraSkin to make it, but any medium weight paper or light cardstock also works well. Staying in all-paper mode, I taped a few strips of quilling paper on the diagonal instead of ribbon.

The complete how-to is on Craftzine.


  1. beautiful, Ann; & a clever idea!


  2. Lovely idea. The fringed flower looks so pretty.

  3. wonderful what a beautiful creation!
    Greetings Baukje

  4. I love the loopy fringe flower! (I especially love the words "loopy" and "fringe" next to each other to describe something so pretty.)
    Hope you are well. xxoxR

  5. Thanks everyone! R, your sense of humor is just like mine... I couldn't resist calling it that. :)

  6. Great ideas. I love the loopy fringed flower

  7. Awesome idea! Doesn't hurt that gerbera daisies are among my top 3 flowers!

  8. so clever! i like the idea of using paper strips as ribbon. and congrats on the craftzine feature - very legit!
    oh! i also ran across a paper artist that i'm in love with! her name is brittney lee, and her stuff is SO CUTE:
    isn't it??
    have a great week! hopefully all the crazy weather is done with out east!

  9. Thanks Bells! Yes, crazy weather is over, but regretfully so are temps in the 80s... oh well, can't have everything. Brittney's work IS cute. :)

  10. These are fantastic, Ann! I love unusual packaging that will get someone's attention. These will! Thanks for sharing.

  11. So gorgeous. Loved checking out your tutorial on Craft.

  12. The loopy fringed flower is very charming. Your works are so inspiring! I am going to make one by myself! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Very effective ideas, I especially love your orange gerbera, how the centre graduates downward, inviting the viewer to look in.


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