Monday, September 26, 2011

Halloween Bat Card

Is it really time to start thinking about Halloween? Eek! Not that that particular day is about anything other than edible treats - take it from Seinfeld... "It's all about the candy!" - but just in case you plan to send a card or decorate a scrapbook layout, here's a quilled bat I designed for the September issue of CardMaker Magazine. Just four coils... you could make a whole colony in no time.... shudder.


Although I can't share the pattern details (thanks for understanding), I can tell you that the spider web background paper is a free digital download from Canon Creative Park. I love that site... check out the zillions of stationery, card, and other paper ideas, all just a quick download away.

Oh, and I used Chiller font for the spooky lettering up top and Showcard Gothic for Happy Halloween. I can play around with font choices for hours - somebody stop me!



  1. wonderful I love it!
    Greetings Baukje

  2. I love it! The wings are great- and bonus I think my uneven rolling could look intentional!

    : )

  3. I really like this bat!. Just four coils but it tells so much. I wonder how you made the two wings look the same.

  4. Ah Suganthi, that's what makes the bat easy. Those wing coils really don't match all that perfectly! As Meg said, in this case uneven rolling can look intentional. :)

  5. congrats Ann on being published in September's edition of CardMaker!! The bat is such a clever design, colours are spot on! Go girl!

  6. How cute is this? I'm off to give it a try myself...and I am in complete sympathy on font selection. You're looking at a real font junkie here!

  7. Your bat is just completely brilliant! "A whole colony" heehee. Gotta get that magazine.

  8. So I see you've gone a little batty with your post
    Love the caard. I'm going to check out that link now

  9. thanks for the idea, Ann! i love the mag, because of you ;-P


  10. I love it ! And I wish I could be in Canada for Halloween this year !!...

  11. Congratulations! How fun to see your stuff in a magazine. And I can TOTALLY relate to spending hours looking at fonts. :)


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