Silhouette Portrait of a Leaf by Jennie Lee Fowler

Not paper per se, but still I must share this novel silhouette portrait by artist Jenny Lee Fowler, who primarily does traditional paper cuttings. As transient as summer into autumn, there's no guarantee a custom leaf cutting will retain its original appearance, but then isn't that the way with all art?

silhouette portrait leaf cutting

Jenny says it best... "Somehow, it is easy to forget how ephemeral paper is, but a leaf renders the precious and precarious loud and clear."

Do you see the shape the veins make? I didn't notice that at first!

Newsflash - sort of - regarding Edinburgh's Mysterious Book Sculptures! It seems a retired librarian purchased an altered book for his art student son from the incognito artist before similar sculptures began appearing in bookish places around the city. He knows who the artist is, but isn't saying. By the way, if you click the link to read the newspaper article, the poll result was, "No, we don't want to know" [who the artist is], but something tells me we've definitely not heard the last of this puzzle. (update via Chrisdonia)

Have a great weekend and perhaps take a moment to enter the PhotoWeights giveaway if you haven't already - it's a good one!

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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