Silhouette Portrait of a Leaf by Jennie Lee Fowler

Not paper per se, but still I must share this novel silhouette portrait by artist Jenny Lee Fowler, who primarily does traditional paper cuttings. As transient as summer into autumn, there's no guarantee a custom leaf cutting will retain its original appearance, but then isn't that the way with all art?

silhouette portrait leaf cutting

Jenny says it best... "Somehow, it is easy to forget how ephemeral paper is, but a leaf renders the precious and precarious loud and clear."

Do you see the shape the veins make? I didn't notice that at first!

Newsflash - sort of - regarding Edinburgh's Mysterious Book Sculptures! It seems a retired librarian purchased an altered book for his art student son from the incognito artist before similar sculptures began appearing in bookish places around the city. He knows who the artist is, but isn't saying. By the way, if you click the link to read the newspaper article, the poll result was, "No, we don't want to know" [who the artist is], but something tells me we've definitely not heard the last of this puzzle. (update via Chrisdonia)

Have a great weekend and perhaps take a moment to enter the PhotoWeights giveaway if you haven't already - it's a good one!

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. I love that Fowler uses natural material for her silhouettes. I'm curious if some type of preservative might be used so that the leaf does not dry out and crumble. Still, even as something temporary, it's delightful, and I think how charming it would be to have a group of these as placeholders at a dinner, perhaps glued to small paddles.

    The mysterious book sculptures are fabulous. I've been following them, too. Great fun!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Ann.

  2. So lovely. I loved visiting her shop . her moth leaf looks so pretty .

  3. I agree, Maureen - I've read that glycerine works well as a leaf preservative.

  4. I just love this silhouette is wonderful I love it!
    something I have never seen
    Greetings Baukje

  5. Now that is really cool. Very clever to use a leaf

  6. I can't recall if I've told you how much I enjoy reading your blog! I look forward to coming over here each day at some point & seeing if you've posted. There's just something so soothing and calming and - at the same time - exciting about this blog! Thank you for that! I think your personality shines. Thanks for allowing me to 'visit' you daily!

  7.'s always interesting to see different twists of an age-old craft, whatever it be. Experimenting can sometimes bring up whole new trends.

  8. Wow I would love to try this on an artificial need to protect it and it would stay beautiful forever

  9. Hello Ann,

    I noticed the heart right away in the leaf. I was thinking you could preserve the leaves by using a flower press.

    Then I went to look at her things and she mentioned pressing them with the picture frame and keeping it out of sunlight.

    I can't see how the artist who makes the wonderful altered book pieces will be able to keep his identity secret for very long. He makes such beautiful pieces. So glad you had shared him with us.


  10. So naturally lovely Ann! Thank you for visiting and entering my giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  11. Such lovely comments, everyone - thanks!

  12. I love silhouettes!
    Thanks for keeping us up to date with the Banksy -style book artist.

  13. Cool!!!! I'll have to remember to do something like that one day when Lachlan is older.

  14. Thanks for the mention! I did some pieces for a Nieman-Marcus Book that were from artificial leaves and they turned out really fun. And I've cut them from photos of leaves as well. These real leaves will hold their shape fairly well even in open air once they have been pressed and fully cured. What a wealth of paper inspiration you have here :)


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