Friday, September 9, 2011

Mr Yen - Paper Cutting

Jonathan Chapman, aka Mr Yen, is a young graphic designer in England who found himself so drawn to the art of paper cutting that he taught himself and has spent years passionately honing his skill.

Falling Feathers

Last weekend I enjoyed paging through his stylish, new catalogue. The carefully curated collection - personalized wedding designs, silhouettes, wall decor, and stationery items - are so beautifully photographed. I hope you'll have time for a browse.

Jonathan and I are comrades on Twitter where I'm constantly impressed by the kind-spirited nature of his tweets. I asked him where the name Mr Yen originated... "I've been heavily influenced and inspired by Japanese style, culture and design - which is where the "Yen" bit comes from and the "Mr" was added as I thought it sounded nice, friendly and approachable."

So there you have it - proof of what I was saying about his kind nature.... you really can get a good sense of a person just by following their 140 character tweets!

Mr Yen is also on Etsy.


  1. Hello! I just VERY recently found your blog, and I have to tell you that, not only do I absolutely love it, I think YOU are as kind as sweet-natured as you spoke of "Mr. Yen" being. As you said, it clearly comes through! So glad to 'meet' you! I'll be peeking in daily!

  2. Thanks Kai, that's so nice of you to say!

  3. I enjoyed seeing Mr Yen's cutout art pieces in his latest catalogue. The are all inspiring! There is something classy and calming about the monotone of white on white.

  4. Beautiful work in Mr Yen's catalogue!

  5. So beautifully cut.All his works look perfect.The geometrical designs look all the more special.

  6. I really like the simplicity of the feathers ..

  7. Absolutely beautiful. Those feathers are so simple, classic and calming. Thank you for sharing his work with us.

  8. Such pretty things! I love the notebooks in his catalog. This time of year, when the rugrats go back to school, I have to really restrain myself from running out and buying notebooks for myself. I just love 'em!


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