Friday, October 7, 2011

Phiona Richards - Book Sculptor

One thing I know to be true... wearing paper jewelry is a great way to get conversation started. I'm positive that would be the case with the captivating pieces Phiona Richards makes from retired books. She combines stitching with folded book pages in a myriad of ways - for example, this playful Four Bead Necklace that looks both vintage and modern.

Organic Repose

Phiona began her career as a book sculptor while at De Montfort University in England by carving reclaimed books with a band saw, blade, and scissors. "As a child I was brought up with the importance of 'make do and mend', a phrase that stays with me to this day. I take my inspiration from needlework techniques that historically form part of a woman's ritual domestic routine."

Shortly after graduating in 2008, Phiona was named a Young Meteor at Lustre, a Contemporary Craft Makers Market. She was requested by the event organizers to create a new body of work for the show, which led to her signature jewelry line. Phiona calls the collection Organic Repose as it embodies femininity - natural, but sophisticated.

See more of Phiona's work in her Rare Notions gallery.


  1. Delightful work. I imagine it must be somewhat labor intensive. The effect Richards achieves is quite stunning.

  2. Her jewellery looks so beautiful . And her book sculptures so unique.

  3. its all gorgeous, looks hard to make and very time consuming, great work!!!

  4. Wow, this is so creative and I thought the shapes resemble pumpkins at first. I love this look! You are right, I see vintage and a mod look. Thanks for sharing, Ann.

  5. wow, those are awesome. such a creative use of old books

  6. Wow....such a creative work...


  7. I love Fiona's jewellery pieces, I would so much love to wear one of her neckpieces...not sure I could afford to purchase a fabulous conversation piece! The book sculptures are fantastic too!
    Licia Politis

  8. Those are very neat! I love the way she combines paper with crocheting, two of my favorite crafts!


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