Quilled Wall Art by Melissa Van Hoose

I've been noticing lots of ampersands lately and would have to say it's currently one of the most popular design elements in jewelry and home decor. There are just so many appealing ways to highlight the graceful curves.


Small wonder then, that the stylized quilling of Florida's Melissa Van Hoose caught my eye. She features a lovely variety of quilled ampersands in her Etsy shop.


Melissa is a graphic designer who says she enjoys making homes look fun and interesting through quilled wall art.




I love Melissa's custom script monograms too... they look elegant and simple, but let me assure you it's not easy to quill so sparingly.


In fact, it's often more difficult to quill an "easy" design perfectly than a complex one because our eyes naturally want to seek out every little flaw.


Who knew rolled tight coils and straight strips would make such an appealing framed piece? They've never looked fresher!

Melissa Van Hoose Designs is also on Facebook.
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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