Personalized Stationery and Quilled Home Decor

Today I'd like to introduce you to the site's newest sponsors, naomi lynn and Navanka Creations.

A graphic designer in the printing industry by day, Naomi Lynn of Iowa enjoys designing cards and stationery as a way of expressing her artistic side. Visit Naomi's Etsy shop to see a modern assortment of paper goods.


For her line of floral note cards, she photographs flowers and then tinkers with the images digitally to create stylish silhouettes to great effect.


Into vintage finds? Naomi can tailor-make these typewriter cards just for you!

I love using personalized stationery myself, and think it makes the perfect gift for both women and men. Naomi offers a full range of designs, colors, and font choices.


Navanka Creations is owned by sisters Amrita and Nimisha who hail from the state of Washington. They make artfully crafted home decor and gift items, many of which are quilled. An example: these bright and festive coasters composed of rolled paper coils.


Their Etsy shop's name is a combination of their children's names, so appropriate because they say the children have inspired them to make the world beautiful, one creation at a time.


Such precise quillwork and attention to detail! The shop's selection includes pretty greeting cards, gift tags and boxes, hair accessories, holiday ornaments, and wall art.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. beautiful quilled work. Really lovely shops.

  2. Loved Naomi's work. Thanks for the warm welcome Ann.

  3. I love Naomi's cards, home decors and framed pieces....great inspiration and ideas.


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