Paper Ice - Andy Singleton

A year ago at this time, an icy world was on display at the Oriel Mostyn Gallery in Llandudno, Wales.

andy singleton 2

Artist/illustrator Andy Singleton was commissioned to create a wintery installation to coincide with an opening at the gallery. He hand cut paper patterns and sculpted paper structures to resemble a beautiful ice cavern.

andy singleton 1

3-D icicles effectively combined with flowing 2-D paper cuts to create a winter wonderland.

andy singleton 3

See more of Andy's impressive work on Flickr and his blog, including really beautiful paper birds.

andy singleton 4

I'm thinking my front porch would look pretty cool dressed up in icicles this holiday season. For the record, I much prefer the paper variety to real ones. Brrr... we've had some hanging off our roof in winters past that look just like these. Gorgeous, but I can easily do without them!

Photography: Nick Singleton
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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