Miniature Book Necklaces Handmade by Margaux Kent

For those of you who love books just as much as paper jewelry, here's a winning combination... a dear set of antique book necklaces. Margaux Kent of Philadelphia and Etsy shop, The Black Spot Books, sources the leather covers from vintage wallets, doctor's bags, sofas, and chair covers.

tiny handmade trio of leather and paper book necklaces

She uses Strathmore acid-free drawing paper for the pages and sews them by hand with linen binder's thread. Margaux's tiny journals are also stocked at an impressive list of places...The Library of Congress, Anthropologie, and the ever so quirky Mütter Museum in Philly, to name just a few. In addition to book necklaces, she enjoys creating all sorts of unusual things from "olde things, treasures found and recovered from misfortune and neglect, relics of the unusual, the confused and the macabre..." I marvel at people who write and reimagine the old into new the way Margaux does.

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  1. Really adorable antique book necklaces!! The mystery book sculptures are by a woman ,how nice and the dinosaur looking so ferocious, hard to believe these are her very first works.

  2. these are SO ADORABLE!!! just another reason to miss philly!
    thanks for the craft show table compliments - i've realized that i really love doing craft shows =)

    oooh new interview with yulia?? off to click on these facebook find links!

  3. I'm sorry the mysterious Edinburgh sculptor is stopping at 10. I have loved following the story.

    Those journals are a lovely bit.

  4. Guess what? I want one! lol I looked through the store and going to go back and favorite one. These are amazing and I cannot even imagine trying to make one. So funny that she uses such a good quality of paper inside. Thanks for sharing all the links! xo


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