Bookshelf Christmas Tree

I realize this photo has been circulating the internet for ages, but even if it's new to just a few of you, it's worth it because...

books on shelves arranged to look like a tree shape

...what paper crafter among us doesn't have a ton-o-stuff piled on shelves?! I'm thinking it would be a hoot to take a few minutes this weekend to arrange my overloaded bookcase to look like a Christmas tree... someone hold me to that, please!

Photo credit: Apparently the tree was first featured on hoi pippo with credit given to for the concept, but a search proved fruitless... whoever came up with the idea gets my vote for tongue-in-cheek holiday decor.

Facebook Finds
from this past week:

Colorful Christmas cracker gift boxes
Pretty origami star
Little folded tree earrings
Hang onto those cardboard tubes - snowflake ornaments

I hope you'll have a great weekend and thanks so very much for taking the time to visit here, especially at such a hectic time of year.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. This is such a delightful idea !!!
    Thanks also for the other links Ann, very useful .

  2. I like the creativity and imagination behind this. Fun stuff!

  3. Holy cool! What an awesome idea!

  4. thanks for the shout out about the snow-white desk! Best wishes to you over the 'silly season'. x

  5. The bookshelf tree is ACE!

    And thank you very much for mentioning my Monogram wall art. :)

  6. Really interesting!

  7. New to me and it made me laugh and smile...thanks for sharing this clever idea - kudos to the original artist!!!

  8. This one is new to me and what a fabulous idea. I wish my mind could work that way to come up with something so clever

  9. You are great for sharing all those interesting topics and their links. I enjoy your bog so much.

    Happy holidays

  10. Thanks everyone, and Soraya, I'm glad to hear that. Thanks for visiting!

  11. Ann, I enjoyed a Christmas roundabout at all the different ideas featured in your f.b.finds and the tree bookshelf is a fantastic idea!!


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