Bookshelf Christmas Tree

I realize this photo has been circulating the internet for ages, but even if it's new to just a few of you, it's worth it because...

...what paper crafter among us doesn't have a ton-o-stuff piled on shelves?! I'm thinking it would be a hoot to take a few minutes this weekend to arrange my overloaded bookcase to look like a Christmas tree... someone hold me to that, please!

Photo credit: Apparently the tree was first featured on hoi pippo with credit given to for the concept, but a search proved fruitless... whoever came up with the idea gets my vote for tongue-in-cheek holiday decor.

Facebook Finds
from this past week:

Snowy desk inspired by Andy Singleton's icy paper winter wonderland
Colorful Christmas cracker gift boxes
Pretty origami star
Gorgeous gift wrap printables
Little folded tree earrings
Brilliant idea to help children quill - twist ties!
Rolled paper monogram
Hang onto those cardboard tubes - snowflake ornaments

I hope you'll have a great weekend and thanks so very much for taking the time to visit here, especially at such a hectic time of year.
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. This is such a delightful idea !!!
    Thanks also for the other links Ann, very useful .

  2. I like the creativity and imagination behind this. Fun stuff!

  3. Holy cool! What an awesome idea!

  4. thanks for the shout out about the snow-white desk! Best wishes to you over the 'silly season'. x

  5. The bookshelf tree is ACE!

    And thank you very much for mentioning my Monogram wall art. :)

  6. Really interesting!

  7. New to me and it made me laugh and smile...thanks for sharing this clever idea - kudos to the original artist!!!

  8. This one is new to me and what a fabulous idea. I wish my mind could work that way to come up with something so clever

  9. You are great for sharing all those interesting topics and their links. I enjoy your bog so much.

    Happy holidays

  10. Thanks everyone, and Soraya, I'm glad to hear that. Thanks for visiting!

  11. Ann, I enjoyed a Christmas roundabout at all the different ideas featured in your f.b.finds and the tree bookshelf is a fantastic idea!!


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