Quilled Stylized Christmas Tree Card

If you like to make cards that tend toward minimalism, and/or need a design that goes together pretty quickly, this one's for you...

Quilled stylized tree card
Pardon the grainy photos - my camera rebels like crazy against metallics.

A rubber stamp inspired the stylized silver tree to which loose coil ornaments, and punched snowflakes and stars were added randomly. A paper cutter made short work of slicing metallic strips to form the tree. Because the large S scroll needs to stand firmly on edge, two strips were glued together for extra strength.

Quilled Christmas tree card on decorated table
A gratuitous shot of my dining room table... am quite pleased with myself for decorating way earlier than usual as I'm typically the last minute kid - even if the holly leaves are already starting to curl and our tree (the trimmed tree, I mean, not this glass one) has fallen over twice - ack!

And more about Sephora holiday windows...

In the Sunday New York Times, Bill Cunningham's On the Street weekly photo essay offers a particular clothing category that's caught his eye on the city's streets. This past Sunday it was black coats and guess what?... he contrasted them with the all-white laser cut paper decorations that resemble lace curtains in the windows of the grand Sephora store on Fifth Avenue.

New York Times On the Street

According to Bill, they are the most elegant holiday windows in the city this year and they really do look lovely in the picture. (Of course it doesn't hurt that the building itself is pretty spectacular!) No paper flowers in sight though, so this store received a different treatment than the Sephora displays featured here on Monday. In Bill's On the Street video [edit: no longer available], he talks about the windows. You can catch a glimpse of them at about the two minute mark.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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