Christmas Ornament Round Up

Karren Doll Tolliver, who previously shared photos of Munich store windows that had been decorated with huge quilled trees, sent along another nifty find. This time it's large and lovely quilled snowflakes she spotted at a Christmas market in Bamberg, outside a little shop called Mohren Haus.

Quilled snowflakes

Karren tells me they were made in two sizes - seven and ten inches in diameter - and appeared to be rolled and glittered poster board.

Quilled snowflakes

Here's a pretty folded star tutorial from the Norwegian blog, Home by Linn. The step-by-step pictures are excellent, plus there's a translate button at the top of the page. I want to make some!

Origami star ornament diy

So far this holiday season I've tried these ball ornaments using origami paper I had on hand... they are quite easy to make, light as a feather, and definitely livened up our gray skies while I snapped the picture.

Honeycomb paper ornaments diy

A tutorial for the top and bottom baubles can be found here
and the middle one, here. Both are from the site, Homemade Gifts Made Easy.

This honeycomb ornament by Becca Feeken is similar to the middle one above, but it's made with a Cricut. I'm thinking it wouldn't be impossible to do by hand though, once a template is drawn and cut out. Lovely shape.

Honeycomb paper ornament diy
Lastly, I had some fun making this pine cone mobile/ornament. Come on, humor me.... it looks a little bit like a pine cone, doesn't it? Maybe? :) The full tutorial is on Canadian Living's website, but I first heard about it from Anne Gracie.

Pine cone ornament diy

If you've posted a paper ornament on your blog, or have seen a good one in your travels, feel free to leave the link in the comment section for the rest of us to enjoy.

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