Laser Cut Dragonfly Wing Necklace

If pressed, I'd have to say I love necklaces most of all in the great lineup of jewelry possibilities. Rings and bracelets can sometimes get in the wearer's way, but a necklace... well, it can be put on and forgotten until a compliment is received.

I feel sure this lovely one would draw intrigued looks and questions. Perhaps it's a map or a bit of starched lace?

Dragonfly wing necklace

No, actually it's a gossamer dragonfly wing created by Amelia Cunard of VectorCloud. Usually she works with birch wood, but instead used a special water and tear resistant paper to create this intricate pendant.

Curious about laser cutting, I asked Amelia how she happened to learn the art.

I started my Etsy endeavor almost two years ago when I was pregnant with my son Noah. I had been working with a non-profit organization in the south Bronx, training teenagers to design projects using CAD programs. There I was exposed to a variety of machines, including a laser cutter. The experience opened up a new perspective of what I could do to combine my architecture/furniture design education with the desire to work independently from home.

Because of my background, I work with wood most often, but I've designed paper pop-up cards in the past and am currently exploring more ideas for paper.

I'm looking forward to Amelia's future creations. By the way, VectorCloud is also on Facebook.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone... and speaking of Facebook, here are this week's Finds:

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Ann Martin

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  1. When I first saw this, I thought 'no way this is paper'. Love the name and I am amazed at the patience people have to create something like this. Just stunning! Thanks for finding.

    Going to go check your other links. Happy weekend, Ann! xo

  2. congratulations on such a beautiful!
    Greetings Baukje
    have a good weekend

  3. Very pretty- I'd love to try laser cutting someday!

  4. really lovely; unique. How fun that would be seeing your laser-machine go into production on something you've drawn up. Would love to see the whole process. Delightful result here.

  5. Awesome! I'm trying to convince my husband that he needs to buy a laser cutter for work so that I can use it for stuff, too. :)

  6. wow...loved the patience and the intricacies involved in it...

  7. Thank you for the hint, I just bought this necklace!

    E from Helsinki


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