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Lest you think this site has suddenly turned into a fashion blog, let me assure you that everything you see here today is composed of paper... handmade paper fashioned into garment replicas by Julie VonDerVellen.

Paper shoe

Julie created extraordinary collections titled Memoir Ensemble and Recollection-Tailored Narratives while in graduate school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (MFA, 2010), adeptly weaving the storyline of each article of clothing into its very fabric.

Paper blouse

She explains, Significant moments — personal stories and those of friends and families — are interwoven into handmade paper crafted from recycled cotton clothing.

Paper dress

I can recall exactly what I wore in each moment. My closet overflows with memories. Whether I remember the situation first, then visualize myself in the clothing I wore – or if I glance at the clothes, then place myself back into the situation – the garment tells the story.

Paper shoes

The pieces are developed from journal entries, then designed with expressive typography and stitch patterns that reflect the tone of the story.

Paper shoe

Julie has perceptively keyed in on something most of us can relate to. I know I have vivid "first" memories of certain articles of clothing... favorite suede shoes (oh how I wanted to keep them looking out-of-the-box new that first day of fourth grade), the first day on the job in a crisp nurse's uniform - anxious, but excited - and the sleek, black dress I borrowed from my sister the night I met my future husband.

Red dress

Do you have a special clothing memory?

Visit Julie's website to see many more incredible garments and to read the intriguing narrative that accompanies each one.
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