Clam Shell Book Sculpture

Erica Ekrem binds beautiful journals using traditional hand tools and time-honored stitching methods. She studied graphic design in college and fell in love with bookbinding while taking it as a required course.

Clamshell Book Sculpture

Erica matches pairs of butter clam shells she finds on the beaches of Orcas Island, Washington to use as journal covers. Pages of recycled, speckled paper are hand cut to fit the shape of the shells and linen thread coated with bees' wax is used for the stitching.

I might have a difficult time convincing myself to make marks on the pages, but can easily picture a clam shell sculpture gracing a bookshelf as an objet d'art.

Erica's shop, Odelae, is also on Facebook. Perhaps take a moment to see the variety of journals she makes from reclaimed materials... each one is unique and her photography is nothing short of stunning.

Facebook Finds this past week included:

Fresh life from wilted roses - mosaic paper
Huge paper-craft horse sculptures
A backdrop of paper rosettes

Have a wonderful weekend!
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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