Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Brad Litwin of Philadelphia creates miniature, hand-operated sculptures composed of paperboard that he calls MechaniCards. In addition to the paperboard, each card has wood, plastic, or metal elements that are integral to the movement.

MechaniCard - Mandala

Brad says he's always been fascinated by wheels, screws, and the relationships of moving parts... definitely evident in his well-engineered designs.

MechaniCard - Yike-a-cycle

MechaniCard Dragonfly

Brad's constructed models require little assembly, but for the diy enthusiast, each model is also available as a kit. You can see several of his sculptures in action...

If I had to pick a favorite, it's The Ambigulator (1:30 mark). With Valentine's Day still fresh in my mind, I'm thinking it would be a unique way to propose. :) By the way, Brad is also an avid musician and that's him providing the background music - quite a creative guy!


  1. It is such and unique idea ,these mechanicards.The mandala is so intricate and beautiful. I love the dragonfly too.

  2. These are amazing!!! The engineer in me is so excited to see these. My dad loves engines (and my cards), so I think I need to be making one of these.

  3. I knew of Litwin's work but had not seen these particular constructions. Really wonderful!

  4. Stunning!!!!
    Very good Brad and so original !
    all the best and Thank you Ann for sharing such beauties!!

  5. Ann,

    Thank you for the introduction to this artist, his work is incredible.
    I like them much better with the hand cranks, then I do when he hooks them to a motor.
    I would not attempt to try and put together one of his kits, it would be so mind boggling.

  6. These are amazing! The dragonfly one is especially artsy - love the wings. I'm off to check if they're for sale!


  7. These are incredible! Thanks for telling us about his work.
    I just thought I'd let you know that I gave you a little mention on my own blog:


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