Quilling Inspiration - Rennie Mackintosh

Recently I mentioned how much I admire the work of Scottish artist and architect Rennie Mackintosh and promised to share a little project I did that was inspired by him. Truth be told, this card is a representation of another person's work who was also inspired by Rennie. I'll explain...


A friend I met via an online cardmaking group visited from Scotland a few summers ago and brought me this glass clock that someone designed using Rennie's popular rose motif. I couldn't wait to recreate the strong lines with paper I had on hand... thus the colors aren't quite right and I should have made the quilled coils more angular, but still, I had fun making it. (Created only for my own personal enjoyment by the way - I would never-ever sell the design of another.)


It seems I'm far from alone in finding Mackintosh designs intriguing... a quick search will bring up any number of stained glass and even window and door companies that take inspiration from his influence on the Arts and Crafts movement. The spare elegance of Japanese design prompted Rennie to join this aesthetic with the Art Nouveau movement in the latter half of the 1800s - early 1900s. He was a master at effectively combining strong angles with floral curves.

Here's a Rennie Mackintosh-inspired Valentine with tips for doing on-edge quilled cursive lettering.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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