Abstract Paper Yarn Flower from PaperPhine

Perhaps you're familiar with the name, Linda Thalmann - and not just because of this feature - but because you've come across her beautiful site, PaperPhine. Linda sources paper yarn and paper twine from around the world; she sells it and creates unique jewelry with it too.

Paper Twine Flower

Creative talent obviously runs in the family, as Linda's mum and dad made this stunning bloom using leftover bits of brightly colored paper twine. Her father is a retired engineer and Linda tells me he's currently trying out all possible "structures". We'll be treated to more paper flowers on the PaperPhine blog soon!

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Speaking of pretty cherry blossoms, the tree in my back yard is in full bloom today, which definitely takes the edge off Friday the 13th! I hope your weekend will be just as beautiful.
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. This flower is so delicate and pretty! I love her paper yarn products ... a lot!
    Have a great Friday/weekend, Ann!

  2. wow, the flower looks like real!

  3. Very very beautiful. And such beautiful jewellery in the blog .

  4. flower is gorgeous, looks so real!!!


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