Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Crumple Design - Paper Earrings

Elizabeth Laskar and Jezella Pigott recently launched a line of playful summer earrings as the first venture of their company, Crumple Design. Inspired by 1960's paper dresses, Japanese simplicity and origami, as well as land art, each pair of earrings featured in the Paper Tales collection is retro-stylish and handmade in England.


EL and Jezella combine their talents - EL is an eco-fashion consultant and Jez is an artist - to create eye-catching jewelry that has minimal effect on the environment, but makes a splash as a fashion statement.

Paper Earrings - April

The vibrant designs celebrate nature and relate to environmental challenges. A portion of the proceeds of each pair sold goes to conservation projects around the world... polar bears, water preservation, and improving bee habitats to name a few.

Paper Earrings - April

Jez's drawing of multi-colored raindrops...

was translated into Hyperlove that reverses to show the Crumple honeybee logo.

Paper Earrings - <span class=

Perhaps you've heard of 60's British fashion siren, Twiggy? She would have been right at home on magazine pages modeling these op art-inspired lovelies.

Paper Earrings - <span class=

Jez and EL use high quality, responsibly sourced paper, non-toxic glue, and sterling silver to make the earrings. Nearly every component can be recycled - although I can't imagine turning in the sample earrings they sent to me. I expect they will look great for a long time to come!

Buzzed Paper Earrings

If you happen to be in Oxford stop by the OxFork Cafe to see a window Jez and EL collaborated on that features colorful, origami-inspired birds - wearing earrings, of course!

Find Crumple on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. The earrings are great, and I especially like how they're photographed for presentation here. Charming.

  2. Pretty earrings and really beautifully displayed. Such vibrant colours too.


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