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As a student of graphic design at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, Dafna Yarom participated in a handmade paper workshop. Later, an extended visit to Japan led to an exploration of making art with paper. After returning home to Israel, she began to meld her interest in paper making with beautiful metals, beads, and cords. Here are several examples...

Pink Shell Necklace

A vivid shell necklace is composed of fuchsia paper pulp and decorated with fine pieces of recycled glass, a silver wire spiral, and glass and pewter beads.

Silver Moon and Ebony Trapeze Necklace

For this bold pendant, Dafna combined a circle of sterling silver with a woodcut pattern she engraved in paper pulp. An antique Moroccan printing block found in a flea market was used to make the mold for the silver circle and engraving.

Earthy Disc Pendant

Dafna twisted silver and gold metallic papers to create a rustic disc pendant.

Evening Elegance Pendant

This last example (and perhaps my very favorite) is a dramatic black and gold paper flower aptly named Evening Elegance.

Dafna's book, Creative Paper Jewelry, was released in 2010 and features how-to projects. In addition to wearable art, she creates interesting drawings composed of handmade paper, some of which can be seen on her Eco-Friendly Jewelry Facebook page. Dafna's work has been exhibited throughout Israel.
Ann Martin
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  1. What great creations, beautiful!!!

  2. They are all so beautiful. I love the twisted silver and gold metallic pendant.

  3. Thank you for sharing this designer Ann, she does makes some very unique jewelry.


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