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I marvel at people who are able to take ideas that are so very simple, yet incredibly effective, and turn them into a sought-after business. Paper fringing, for example... Nicholas Andersen and Julie Ho of CONFETTI SYSTEM do a tremendous amount of it. And yes, the name is all caps - it attracts attention, as does everything they make!

Woodpecker Pinata

Mannequin heads inspired by exotic birds created for the clothing line, Opening Ceremony.

Bird Pinatas

Based in New York City, the duo have backgrounds in set design and sculpture, and began making decorations for friends' parties and musical performances after discovering how well their ideas meshed.

Fringed Paper Suitcase

Playful designs, all hand-fringed, have been created as props for window displays in flagship stores and to decorate private celebrations.

JCrew 5th Ave Window

Articles about their work are name-dropping extravaganzas... brands such as Lanvin and Mercedes Benz, and music artists Beyonce and Beach House have utilized CONFETTISYSTEM's festive creations.

This gold T was the cover design of the New York Times Style Magazine, March travel edition.


Simple tissue paper and cardboard are used most often, although Nicholas and Julie also work with mylar and fabric. In addition to garlands, tassels, and confetti-filled geometric piñatas, they have a line of intriguing twisted silk charmeuse necklaces available via the website.

Pinatas and NecklacesLink

Their work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Japan, and Holland.

Need some cheering up? Browsing CONFETTI SYSTEM's fun projects just might be the ticket. And here's an interesting 01 Magazine interview with Julie and Nicholas.

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  1. Whoa! They've got to be using a shredder, can you imagine cutting all those strips by hand, LOL. I love the T, the glint and glimmer is beautiful!

  2. I know what you mean Kim... I hope they're using a shredder, but read in more than one interview that they hand fringe.

  3. their business is so fantastic & dreamy & perfect, i truly can't stand it. i hadn't seen those mannequin heads yet though! absolutely genius.

  4. Beautiful work with fringed paper. My favourite is the golden T.

  5. SO cool!!!!!! I have seen some of their stuff before, but I had no idea they've been working with so many great brands. Those bird heads are awesome. Good for them!!

  6. Had been seeing their work featured on various blogs, and was always floored by their creativity and pizzazz! So great to see your feature on them!

  7. I love tissue tassels, but confetti system tassels are to die for!!!


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