Monday, May 21, 2012

Paste Paper Collages - Denise Fiedler

It never fails that I come across something eye-catching each time I scroll through Pinterest. You too? One recent morning it was the winsome image of a book page pooch...
Just one click transported me to the whimsical world of Denise Fiedler's collage art, simply called Paste.
It takes talent to inject personality into scraps of of paper! A variety of vintage printed pages are fair game for Denise's collages of dogs and other animals, as well as people. She accepts orders for custom designs if you have a special idea in mind.
Denise worked as a designer for stores such as Marshall Field & Co. and Crate and Barrel, and then started her own textile-based fashion and home accessory business in San Francisco. In 2009 she added original collage design to her bag of creative tricks after coming across books and flash cards in a box of flea market finds.
The hoopoe bird and three egg nest are limited edition pieces created from 18th century hand-made marbled endpapers from France.
For style mavens, Denise creates fashion and furniture collages... this mid-heel shoe and Bertoia chair, for example. At times she uses marbled paper from India, antique letters from France, and European paper trims.
Paste collages are mounted on 4-ply board and framed in black or white. See many more designs on the website and at these U.S. retailers.


  1. Sounds interesting!!! Real talent and creativity....

  2. Ann, I enjoyed scrolling through Denise's artworks. They are very inspiring and I love how she uses the basic newsprint in all different shades..I think the dog pics are my wasn't easy making that decision though!

  3. Her work is adorable! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  4. Really charming and delightful work. Many fun pieces at her Website.

  5. adorable works, thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Really talented. I like all her work. My favourite though is the nest.

  7. Oh those are just adorable.

  8. I think 'wow' is a good word here.

  9. What a wonderful find Ann. Thank you

  10. I love the bird and nest with three eggs. The combination of colors is wonderful!

  11. Wonderful.. I have started exploring paper quilling art recently and here is my blog.. let me know your views :-)

  12. I love the pups, but that nest with three eggs really caught my eye, too!

  13. these are so lovely. thanks for sharing.


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