Art Assemblage - Sue Griffiths

Mixed media collage artist Sue Griffiths of Messie Jessie translates her love of textiles, illustration, and craft into small fantasy worlds. The decorative assemblages feature deftly combined papers and wisps of fabric representing fashions from a bygone era. Often the art pieces are inspired by beloved books and stories, and contain found objects and recycled jewelry.

Mixed Media Assemblage - Messie Jessie

Marie Antoinette Art Dress

Sue explains that this ballet-style dress is a nod to one of her favorite films, Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette. The laced corset bodice is made from book pages, while the skirt is stitched pieces of lace, silk, and viscose fabric.

Mixed Media Assemblage - Messie Jessie

The Stolen Moment

Sometimes Sue uses a hardback cover to convey a tiny stage, and makes the dresses and other items from its pages. This assemblage was inspired by a quote from Shakespeare's play Timon of Athens, and shows a paper mache moon above a shimmering dress with pleated page underskirt.

Sue studied art and fashion illustration at colleges in Wales and London, taught art for a number of years, and sold her creations locally on the small Welsh island of Anglesey before opening her online shop. (If the name Anglesey rings a bell, it's the idyllic place where Prince William and Kate manage to escape the public eye.)


My Dear Emma

Quite a few of Sue's creations are inspired by characters in classic novels. Jane Austen's Emma is portrayed by a fabric and paper empire-style dress that hangs in the book cover bedroom. The light-filled space is furnished with a beaded chandelier and paper mache dressing table.

Art Assemblage

A Surprise for Mr. Darcy

Surprise indeed! A vintage metal case decorated with Pride and Prejudice pages and hand embroidery contains three small compartments that hold Elizabeth's wedding trousseau.

Sue's website gallery, Etsy shop Messie Jessie, blog and Facebook page.

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  1. Oh my, these are so unusual and creative. Using classic novel characters for inspiration is brilliant. The hanging dress with the pleated page underskirt is my favorite. Love all, though.

  2. These just tickle me to no end. I love what she's done with the literary characters.

  3. Incredible art, thanks so much for introducing her to us!

  4. wow, espectacular!!!thank you for show this work

  5. waue this is a stunning work, your so very talented awww awsome awsome

  6. What a beautiful post Ann. Enchanting!! Love how she has taken inspiration from Jane Austen's work.

  7. Ann, the minature 3d pieces are adorable!!!


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