Dimensional Paper Cutting by Lisa Rodden

Not long ago a tweet led me to the website of Australian paper cut artist Lisa Rodden... in a word, wow! Here is just one example of her stunning work that combines hefty white paper with bright acrylic color and sure lines.

ten colorful rolled strips of paper cut from an ivory paper sheet

The play of light and shadows brought about by the cut and curled slivers of paper bring a sense of motion to the piece. Judging by the number of glowing comments that have been left on Lisa's page, I'm far from alone in my admiration. The clean lines and seemingly simple designs are incredibly appealing, but of course they aren't easy to do at all.

See many more examples in her gallery including fish, waves, flowers, and flames.

On the All Things Paper Facebook page this past week:

Brightest book covers ever
Creatives need to eat too! Quilled typography

I hope your weekend will be a fun one. Summer is supposed to let down its humid guard here for a bit... looking forward to that!
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Wow is what I first said to myself also! Love this technique of cutting .. it's stunning. Her peacock feathers are amazing!

  2. this is gorgeous, great technique

  3. It's stunning! How perfect the feathers are cut. I also loved her peacock feather.

  4. Amazing...thank you for sharing this site with us!!!!!!
    Paper Hugs,

  5. Ann thanks for the feature on Lisa's paper art. The lovely lines and the play with light is fantastic. I hope that I might get the chance to get down to Art2 Muse gallery before 21st August.


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