Mr Yen - Botanical Paper Cuts

You might remember Jonathan Chapman's Falling Feathers paper cutting. Recently he (aka Mr Yen) [edit: site no longer available] launched a new series inspired by Victorian botanical illustrations that is simply beautiful.

Mr Yen Botanical Papercut Lace

Jonathan draws a design by hand and scans it to create a digital template. He then prints out the template, places it over a sheet of jet black paper, and painstakingly cuts the design by hand with a scalpel.

Mr Yen Botanical Papercut Detail

The elegant arrangements of twigs, leaves, plants, and flowers are perfect as is, but the open central space in each design allows Mr Yen to customize it with a hand cut silhouette or date. A favorite photograph or other small art work might be framed in the opening instead.

Mr Yen Botanical Papercut Lace Circle

Mr Yen's packaging is lovely...

Mr Yen Packaging Example

and he even launched his new blog and Autumn/Winter Look Book in a special way!

Mr Yen Blog Launch

As in the overwhelming majority of my feature posts, I simply admire Mr Yen's talent and enjoy bringing it to your attention. Sponsored posts are always clearly labeled.

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  1. Looks so delicate!!! Loved visiting his blog.

  2. Thank you for sharing these beautiful works; I started following Mr. Yen's new blog. I find it amazing that he draws the designs himself and cuts each of them by hand.


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