Woven Paper Onion Dome by PaperMatrix

A couple of years ago I featured the woven hearts of PaperMatrix and recently returned to the site to see what's new. Lots! I especially admired the spheres created by the site's owners, Lene (a chemical engineer) and Anna Schepper (an architect) in Denmark... there are colorful paper balloons and this amazing onion dome box.

Woven Paper Onion Dome

It's not surprising that the written directions are challenging, but Lene and Anna launched a helpful YouTube channel just last month and have already posted several videos... now we can follow along to see exactly how the spheres are woven. PDF templates are provided for hand or machine cutting.

Facebook Finds this past week:

Origami boat place cards
Postage stamp from paper sculpture
Paper dresses on display in D.C.
Classy barnacles
Paper string from newsprint, mags, and even tp
Giant-size, crumpled "paper"

Have yourself a lovely summer (or winter) weekend. It won't be long until the seasons change - time is flying as usual!
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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