Paper Sculpture - Centrifugal by Jen Stark

It's been a few years since I featured the mind-bending paper sculptures of Jen Stark. The popularity of her work has continued to soar - who can possibly look at it without saying "Wow!"? Many of Jen's large, vibrant pieces feature precise layers of hand-cut paper arranged in kaleidoscope fashion... op art meets topography.

It was hard to choose a Fab Friday favorite, but Centrifugal especially caught my attention with its central light and raised, curved edges that add to the pinwheel effect.

paper sculpture, paper art
Centrifugal / 40" x 31" x 5" / hand-cut paper on wood backing / 2010

Jen's latest exhibit To the Power Of opens today in LA and runs through November 10, 2012 at the Martha Otero Gallery. Stay up-to-date with Jen via her Facebook page, and here's an enjoyable podcast in which she talks about inspiration, her process, and managing hand stress on the creative blog my love for you.
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