Mirrored Book Sculptures - Bronia Sawyer

I literally gasped the moment I came across this gorgeous rolled book sculpture by Bronia Sawyer. A fan of her art since first spotting it last year (you might recall the paper birds), I'm not a bit surprised that Bronia's photography skills have merged with her love of books. The colorful effects completely transform vintage pages into modern art.

Book Lungs

From a new collection titled 'Live Breath Art', Book Lungs was made from an old textbook. She photographed the sculpture on a black background after inking the page edges, and used a variety of colored torches to intensify the shades. Mirroring the images in Photoshop resulted in the finished pieces.

Bronia's work was featured in two exhibitions this past summer in England; one was her first solo show at Solihull Arts Complex. At about that time, she began experimenting with the vivid, abstract image you see here.

Bronia explained the thought behind Live Breath Art. She struggled for a time with depression and gives credit to art as therapy. Unable to focus on creating during the depths of despair, Bronia forced herself to return to the studio. She found that working gradually helped to restore her health.

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Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Wow... amazing... thanks.. I think I must have missed your post on her birds.. will have to check it out...

  2. Amazing amazing work. I can't find words enough to say what her work makes me feel.BRILLIANT!!

  3. so beautiful as always,
    Greetings Baukje

  4. The power of art is amazing, isn't it. I've read similar things about health and art for other artists. I love how she combined vintage books, quilling and photoshop. Beautiful results.

  5. Thank you for such a lovely write up Ann and thank you to everyone for your lovely comments Im so pleased its getting such a positive reaction.

  6. Congrats to Bronia and I wish her much success with her art pieces.


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